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Disrupt | OriginClear Aims to Become the Leader in Private Water Utility with their Water On Demand Fintech Startup

Apr 27, 2022 3:29:07 PM

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by Melissa Moraes

The American water system has been in decline for a long time. Millions of people are drinking water that fails to meet health standards, including dangerous contaminants such as uranium and microplastics. The water sector is grossly underfunded, with many of our water systems needing complete replacement or expensive upgrades.

Between the growing population, increased water scarcity, and our water infrastructure falling behind, the government cannot keep up with our public municipal water systems. This has brought a shift in focus to the idea of private water utilities and how this pioneering concept could help solve the growing American water crisis.

RO sys piping closeup

FinTech for Water

Florida-based OriginClear aims to become the leader in private water utility with their Water On Demand fintech startup that finances such programs. Businesses and housing developments can sign a contract for water treatment without upfront capital or the need to do their own costly maintenance. Customers simply pay by the gallon of treated wastewater, similar to how they are already paying for their electricity.




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