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Oilfield Wastewater Slowly Gains Value in Agriculture

Oct 25, 2020 11:28:00 PM

Conceptually it makes a lot of sense to farmers and oil producers alike: Use the latest filtration technology to turn one of Kern's most troublesome waste streams — oilfield produced water — into a safe irrigation source.

Cal; State engineer Bryan KawunbiCal State  Bakersfield petroleum engineer Bryan Karunwi runs tests on how well the chemical oxygen demand cleans oilfield wastewater samples. Rodney Thornburg/For the Californian

Small Scale

For decades it's been done on a relatively small scale near Bakersfield, and recent studies confirm it doesn't threaten crop safety. So why aren't more local oil producers giving farmers the briny water that comes up from the ground along with oil?

by John Cox

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