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Do Cryptocurrencies have a Future?

Aug 6, 2021 12:45:37 PM

by E-Crypto News

"With the current malaise in the markets,  many skeptics think this is the end for the cryptocurrency space.  While cryptocurrencies have faced similar downturns in the past, the attention hasn’t been this much.  We reached out to a round-table of experts who gave us their views on what’s actually happening. Here is what they had to say:"

Riggs Eckelberry, CEO OriginClear

"No this is not the end – in fact digital currency allows companies like ours to transition our industry in way that is much easier to solve because of the benefits of the technology of NFTs and Digital currency.


E-Crypto News


"In fact, 2021 is the year OriginClear begins to roll out this new technology for “total outsourcing of water” also known as water as a service.

Helping the World 

"It is imperative for OriginClear to create a water coin for the world. Such a coin has the potential to benefit a community and that community could vote on how we are going to use the funds developed through this process...

"With $H2O OriginClear has a trademarked digital coin brand. Imagine this coin community interested in what can be done to help water – this includes brown water in Compton, lead filled water in Flint, toxic water in South Bend, bad water in wells – Africa, and more. How can we affect that? This is where the $H20 coin would bring general benefit – not for OriginClear specifically but really help the world and that’s the vision." 


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