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Independent Testing Validates Manure Treatment System Using OriginClear

Feb 5, 2020 10:16:38 PM / by OriginClear Staff

OriginClear technology simplifies complex processes for Spanish pig manure treatment.

LOS ANGELES and ZARAGOZA, Spain – Feb. 6, 2019 – OriginClear Inc. (OTCQB: OCLN), a pioneer in decentralized water treatment and management, and Depuporc S. L., an OriginClear licensee and developer of an innovative and patented manure treatment system, today announced the results of independent testing that further validates the effectiveness of Depuporc’s swine manure treatment system.

This week, OriginClear published a new video with coverage of the model system and a testimonial by Eduardo Chopo, co-owner of Depuporc (watch now).



Independent laboratory test results from December 13, 2019 showed that the Depuporc system reduced COD (chemical oxygen demand) by 99% (51,882 to 335 mg/liter) and reduced total nitrogen by 96%, (5071 to 210 mg/liter). View the independent lab’s summary results here.

Depuporc estimates that the system could limit annual nitrogen production by hog farms to 16 kilos per hectare, less than one-tenth the limit of 210 kilos per hectare per year that is required by Spain’s Royal Decree 324/2000.

“The reduction in COD, particularly ammonia, demonstrated at a commercial level by the Depuporc system, is a major validation of OriginClear’s technology for all applications requiring the treatment of dissolved organics,” said Bill Charneski, OriginClear Senior Vice President.

The Depuporc Manure Treatment System pilot plant is operating today at a site operated by one of the largest swine producer farms in Spain. Since its startup in mid-2019, it has demonstrated, to prospective customers from Spain and countries as distant as Korea, its ability to continuously transform pig manure into a zero-waste output of fertilizer and clean irrigation water.

“Tighter European Union regulations on manure water irrigation due to ammonia levels in the ground, and the growth of Spanish hog farms, demand a solution," said Eduardo Chopo, Depuporc co-owner.  "Without that solution, these factors have three direct impacts on the environment. Those include the high emission of greenhouse gases, the contamination of aquifers by filtration of nitrates and deterioration of arable land by the excess of nitrogen supplied from these farms. We believe that Depuporc solves all three with its innovative approach.”

The Depuporc manure treatment system is a multi-stage system that begins with a unique self-cleaning screening system that results in 89% dry solids, which can be transported by truck, for use as fertilizer.  The final stages utilize OriginClear’s Electro Water Separation™ (EWS) and Advanced Oxidation (AOX™) technology.  EWS removes the last of the suspended solids that would interfere with oxidation reactions in the AOX stage.  And AOX oxidizes or mineralizes the dissolved organics reducing ammonia in the manure water, making it acceptable as irrigation water.  The system is featured in a company video:



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OriginClear Staff

Written by OriginClear Staff

OriginClear (OTC: OCLN) leads the self-reliant water revolution, deploying advanced technologies at the point of use, with modular, prefabricated systems that create durable assets and water independence for industry, commerce and agriculture.