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Brain-eating amoeba: How safe is the tap water in your home?

Mar 3, 2023 4:19:34 PM

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"The municipalities, the cities do a good job of disinfecting the water. They use chlorine, and then what comes out of there is clean," said Riggs Eckelberry with OriginClear, a company that specializes in water treatment solutions. "The problem is, somewhere in that distribution system, the parasites have gotten into the system somehow." 


Riggs FOX 35 interview

"If you're forcing it up your sinus, it's literally getting into the blood barrier, it's getting right up there and that's when it can penetrate," he said.  

 Eckelberry added that city and county systems do a pretty good job at cleaning our tap water. "The cities can only do so much, but generally, they deliver a sanitized water supply and people should not get paranoid about it. They will not pass away from drinking tap water."




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