Modular Water Team

Tom Marchesello Photo

Tom Marchesello, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Currently, Tom Marchesello is COO of Modular Water Systems. He began his career in the U.S. Air Force as a Captain in the space systems operations and long-range planning program at Air Force Space Command Headquarters, leading in aerospace operations and strategy from 1992-1998. There, he developed the first beacon radio system for combat SAR operations in his efforts to serve his country. After leaving the service, he became an entrepreneur with a focus in corporate strategy and economic development.

Tom came to Modular Water Systems after 20 years working in finance and high technology, including but not limited to Morgan Stanley, Thompson Reuters, Bainbridge Capital, Lehr Marine, and Sony, to name a few. At Bainbridge Capital, he and the 30-person team closed over $1 billion in middle market transactions and increased revenue 400 percent in two years. While at WaterChain™, he co-invented a clean water supply chain & infrastructure bank for modular water treatment equipment.

At OriginClear, Tom’s main focus is on Modular Water Systems, OriginClear’s signature prefabricated and packaged water and wastewater treatment system enabling water user independence. Due to a long, proven track record of being invested in America and technologies that will forward national interests, Tom was attracted to and believes in the obvious and unrealized potentials of Modular Water Systems and is dedicated to developing and forwarding the creation of the operational on-site, point of use systems that will enable an “independent water revolution” for America.

Tom holds a BS in Finance, from Pennsylvania State University, June 1992 and an MBA from San Diego State University, Jan 2000. He has achieved 2 Air Force Achievement Medals, 2 Air Force Commendation Medals and a Gulf War Service Medal.

He also holds US PATENT: Method and System for performing Electronic Retailing. #7,613,634 Issued Dec 21, 2000 Mobile Shopping and Price Checking with internet or GPS enabled phone or tablet. Tom is a resident of Dana Point, California.