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Dan Early, P.E.


Dan Early invented the Modular Water Systems model of engineered water systems that are prefabricated, standardized, highly durable and implement rapidly. He has a sizable following among consulting engineers and other water professionals for his advanced designs and rapid-configuration software.

Dan has worked as either a professional Consulting Engineer or an Engineered Products Development Specialist throughout his over 25-year career, with the majority of his professional focus related to the water and environmental industry. He possesses a very strong understanding of the complex and interconnected disciplines, economies, and governmental regulation needed to develop and sustain modern civil infrastructure systems that reflect a balance of environmental stewardship, social expectations, and cultural requirements.

Since 2010, Dan has specialized in the research, development, and deployment of next-generation, prefabricated water infrastructure technologies. He holds five US patents, which he has licensed exclusively to OriginClear for the world: “Wastewater System & Method” 8,372,274, “Steel Reinforced HDPE Rainwater Harvesting” 8,561,633, “Wastewater Treatment System” 8,871,089, “Scum Removal System for Liquids” 9,205,353, and “Portable, Steel Reinforced HDPE Pump Station” 9,217,244.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Virginian Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech). He is also a licensed as a Professional Engineer in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Montana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Mexico and North Dakota. When not working for MWS, he spends his time with his wife, Tracy, and their two sons, Harrison and Ashton living in the picturesque mountains of Southwest Virginia.