Package Wastewater Treatment Plant


Modular Water Systems™ is an industry leader in the design and application of Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastic (SRTP) material. SRTPs are used in the engineering and delivery of advanced wastewater treatment systems and treatment plants.

SRTP in the form of HDPE plastic permits an unparalleled ability to deliver extremely robust wastewater treatment, improving the treatment process in a number of ways. Using structural plastics results in configurations with life cycles equal to 100 years or more. Treatment Capacities range from 1,000 GPD up to 250,000 GPD.

Applications of Our Wastewater Solutions:

  • New Development (Residential & Commercial)
  • Larger Municipal & Public Utility Systems
  • Institutional Facilities (Rural Schools & Local Governmental)
  • Small Industrial & SIU Pretreatment Applications
  • Craft Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries
  • Custom Sub-Unit Process Upgrades for existing WWTP’s

Please contact us for more information on our advanced WWTP’s.