Mobile Waste & Potable Water Treatment Systems

Systems That Arrive Ready For Use

Modular Water Systems offers mobile containerized water and wastewater treatment systems to those customers in need of rapid installation and easy commissioning.

Modular Mobile Waste & Portable Water Systems are perfect for projects that need a robust advanced water treatment system and produce high quality water recycling. Our water system is factory assembled, tested, and certified for immediate use once installed at the site. 

Our containerized water systems are available in standard prepackaged sizes which treat 1,000-10,000 GPD or 10,000-25,000 GPD for most private commercial or industrial users and larger custom systems treating 25,000-250,000 GPD  for larger industrial and municipal applications. We also build 250,000-1,000,000 GPD systems for high volume user needs.  

Applications of Our Water Treatment Solutions:

  • New Development (Residential & Commercial)
  • Institutional Facilities (Rural Schools & Local Governmental)
  • Small Industrial & SIU Pretreatment Applications
  • Emergency Response and Humanitarian
  • Military & Man Camps
  • Craft Food & Beverage Producers
  • Municipal & Public Utility Systems

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