Craft Food & Beverage Water Treatment Systems

Designed & Built To Meet Craft Food & Beverage Manufacturer Needs

Is Low Water Quality Hindering Your Craft?

As a Craft food or beverage professional you know that quality ingredients and exacting process often mean the difference between real world-class creations or less satisfying results. But as a manufacturer of fine cuisine or beverage do you actually possess the technology and wherewithal to effectively analyze and examine the water you are using? In the USA, water provided by municipal water systems often lacks in purity, and could be a significant factor in how your products actually taste. It's commonly heard nowadays, "Don't drink the tap-water!" So. what should you know, and is there anything you can do about it? 

Modular Water's Advanced Technology pretreatment solutions can easily purify your INCOMING water, so that you are enabled and free to create your craft food and beverage products with the best possible ingredients and confidence you are working with the highest quality water.  Find out how our water treatment systems may apply to your needs and significantly benefit your results.

Improve Your Quality of Results While Increasing Efficacy Through Water Reclamation and Reuse

  • Our inbound water pretreatment systems are specific to craft industry needs and reliably deliver the highest purity to incoming water.
  • Our team of experts has hundreds of years combined experience building use-specific water treatment and pretreatment systems.
  • Modular Water's fabrication and manufacturing facility has committed its seasoned team with 25 years industrywide company experience to supporting Modular Water's fabrication of the most effective state-of-the-art pretreatment water purification and  wastewater systems. 
  • We have extensive expertise in solving the dirtiest industrial water problems and advanced water reclamation processes that we apply to the design and development of your system. 
  • We offer complete solution technologies using advanced innovations and systems enabling up to 99% reduction of micro-contaminants and toxic biological waste components.

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New and Growing Craft Producers Face Rising Water Costs

  • New business owners often underestimate the impact of water and wastewater treatment costs
  • Many Consulting Engineers do not have experience treating influent water and wastewater streams
  • Pub and Restaurant waste streams are specialized and complicate wastewater treatment
  • Existing beverage craftsmen need new technology to expand production and lower operating costs
  • On-Site and public sewer disposal each have unique treatment requirements
Brewery Wastewater can be an Expensive Challenge to Manage
  • Brewery wastewater is a specialized waste stream
  • It is an industrial strength wastewater
  • Improperly treated, it will destroy an expensive drain field
  • Utilities don’t want untreated brewery waste
  • New regulations are more stringent, while old regulations are now being enforced
  • Brewers who don't manage their waste stream are at considerable risk
  • Successfully managed, it has the potential to dramatically increase your profits

The Team at OriginClear's Modular Water division has been designing and building specialized pretreatment and wastewater treatment systems for industries, including breweries, for 25 years. Our systems are now in use world-wide. Modular Water is offering a FREE WATER AUDIT to Craft Food & Beverage producers that will analyze the impact on your craft of incoming water impurities and assess the costs and liabilities of your wastewater issues. Just click the link, fill out the water audit request, and we'll show you how much can be saved by correctly treating your waste stream. The results may surprise you!

Free Water Audit

Modular Water's Craft Food & Beverage Water Solution
Raise Quality by Pre-Treatment & Save by Water Reclamation & Reuse 

Most Applications

  • Highly variable flow rates
  • Treats waste alcohols, sugars and carbohydrates
  • One shift to 24/7 brewery operations
  • Ideal for craft food manufacturers, breweries, distilleries, and wineries – our systems also ably handle restaurant waste
  • Drain field and public sewer disposal
  • Standard and custom designs available
Micro Brew Collage-2 325x400
Brewery Tanks 325x400

Quick and Easy On-site Installation

  • Lightweight vessels enable easy installation
  • Configured for remote locations and difficult job sites
  • Cost effective transport
  • Easily installed using conventional construction equipment and methods
  • Simple site electrical and plumbing hookup

Low Maintenance and Overhead Costs

  • Standardized designs reflect simple operations and reduced operating costs.
  • By properly addressing the components of brewery wastewater, our system's performance requires minimal attention
  • Systems can be run remotely on a Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop
Brewery System 325x400

Brewery Control Panel Installation 325x400

Modular's Craft System Advantages

  • Superior Performance and Efficiency - Designed With a Decade of Specialized Engineering Experience
  • Systems using Structurally Reinforced Thermo-Plastics will outlast conventional concrete and steel systems by 3-4X. 
  • Factory assembly facilitates easy, onsite installation with considerably reduced time and cost.
  • 10-35% total cost savings compared to conventional alternatives.
  • Water cost savings pays for many systems in less than 2 years.
Modular Water Food & Beverage System Features
  • Advanced Bioreactor Design
  • Superior Liquids-Solids Separation
  • Tertiary Level Treatment
  • California Title 22 Compliant
  • Designs for Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Effluent Suitable for Reuse
  • Fully Autonomous Operation
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Low Energy Use
  • Lowest CapEx Cost in Industry
  • Lowest OpEx Cost in Industry
  • SIU and On-Site Disposal Systems
  • Fast Lead Time to Delivery
  • Vendor Process Support
  • Extended Warranty Available
  • Equipment Finance & Leasing Options Available
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