About Modular Water Systems™

Industrial Water Treatment and Waste Management Solutions

Modular Water Systems™ is radically different in that it deploys a manufacturing approach totally unique to the Water & Wastewater Industry in North America.

We focus on delivering standardized and custom engineered products utilizing high quality Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastics (or SRTP). This allows us to provide you with wastewater treatment infrastructure solutions that overcome the limitations associated with steel, fiberglass or concrete. 

With a typical vessel service life lasting 75+ years, typically three times longer than conventional systems, SRTP materials represent a major advancement in the delivery and sustainability of  industrial wastewater systems. Our treatment solutions will reduce both capital and operating expenses dramatically.

Civil Engineers and Utility Owners are faced with the daunting task of trying to service an ever-growing threat to the environment resulting from deteriorated and failing utility systems. Implementing sustainability requirements into waste water processing solutions has become increasingly important. The implementation of SRTP tankage offers the first real significant material advancement in the last 50 years that will overcome these serious challenges to sustainability.

  • EVERUS™ Waste Water Treatment Systems (large, custom installations)
  • EveraMOD™ Pump Stations
  • EveraPOD™ Waste Water Treatment Systems (packaged single family residential and light commercial wastewater treatment)
  • EveraCRAFT™ Water Treatment Systems (Craft Beverage Industry incorporating reuse and reclamation capabilities)
  • EveraBOX™ Auxiliary Equipment Buildings
  • EveraSKID™ Mobile Waste and Potable Water Treatment Systems
  • EveraPLAST™ SRTP Vessels

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