In this second microtoxin test, analysis of the treated water by a certified third-party laboratory report showed the glyphosate level as non-detectable (ND), after only three minutes of treatment with AOx. A second test conducted with a research configuration and an initial glyphosate concentration of 620ppb showed the same ND result after only 45 seconds of AOx treatment. Read More

For the first test to demonstrate the feasibility of AOx technology to treat glyphosate in water, two separate solutions were prepared in ordinary tap water: approximately 300ppm (parts per million) glyphosate using commercial herbicide formula, and 300 ppm salt. Major results: ≥ 99.3% glyphosate removal in 60 minutes via Indirect Oxidation and ≥ 95.8% glyphosate removal in 10 minutes via Direct Oxidation. Read More