Enough Is Enough



Basketball Legend and Fred Martin, Founder of Compton Kidz Club, joined OriginClear CEO Riggs Eckelberry on stage at the 16th AREDAY Summit, in Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado at 9:15am on Saturday August 17th.

Reportedly, several thousand households in the city of Compton, California, are plagued with “disgusting, brown water”, resulting from pipe and well contamination.

Similar scenarios are reportedly playing out in cities as diverse as Newark, New Jersey, and South Bend, Indiana.

In all these cases, the cities are working hard to resolve the issue. We believe that given time, they will resolve them.

Meanwhile, these populations need relief now.

Recently, at the AREDAY conference in Aspen, we advocated installing simple units in each affected household, to deliver the standard tap water level that all consumers rightly expect. (Video)

Since that time, OriginClear has developed new specifications for semi-public water stations and we have concluded this is a great first step, following the example of Jaden Smith, equipping churches in Flint. (Video)

As we roll out these water stations commercially, we intend to make them available for non-profit efforts to enable free access to clean water in cities throughout the USA.

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cedric ceballosAbout Cedric Ceballos

Cedric Ceballos is a former NBA All-Star who has played for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns, later completing his on-the-court play with the Dallas Mavericks, the Detroit Pistons and the Miami Heat. In his early childhood days, Cedric attended Dominguez High School in Compton, California. Cedric is currently a Vice President with the Dallas Mavericks and an on-air analyst for FOX SPORTS SW for the Dallas Mavericks and the New Orleans Pelicans.


image-6About Fred Martin

Fred Martin, a Compton native, founded the Urban Entertainment Institute/Compton Kidz Club in 2002. He has since been making good on his promise to encourage and hone the skills of any child who wants to pursue their dreams.

Through a partnership with Cisco TelePresence, Compton Kidz Club has become the first performance arts program to increase its reach through technology, giving “Music to a World Without Borders.” With this technology, Cisco and the Urban Entertainment Institute are bridging the gap, providing universal access to content, and changing the way we learn.

Fred Martin is called upon by the Who’s Who of the entertainment industry, backing up Ray Charles on his Grammy-winning Genius Loves Company album, and collaborating most recently with Diana Ross, Beck, Diane Warren, Dream Theatre and The Muppets.


    OriginClear is sponsoring a nonprofit effort to improve water quality with support of American Renewable Energy Institute

    Aspen, CO and Los Angeles, CA – July 23, 2019 – OriginClear Inc. (OTC: OCLN), a leader in decentralized water treatment, will announce the Enough is Enough™ campaign at the 16th AREDAY Summit (https://www.areday.net/), August 15-17 in Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado.

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      Good morning! We did it! Cedric Ceballos and Fred Martin joined me on stage at the famous AREDAY 2019 conference to present the Enough is Enough™ campaign to an enthusiastic audience! Cedric and Fred (bios here) grew up in Compton, California and played on the same basketball team in high school. Cedric went on to be a star player for the LA Lakers and Phoenix Suns, while Fred began a brilliant music career, currently touring the famous Compton Kidz Club... (Click Image to Expand) The audience LOVED the...

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        OriginClear Announces Enough is Enough Campaign at AREDAY Summit

        CEO Riggs Eckelberry is joined by basketball legend Cedric Ceballos and impresario Fred Martin, Founder of Compton Kidz Club, in beautiful Aspen Colorado for the 2019 AREDAY conference where they announce Enough is Enough™, the OriginClear sponsored direct action campaign. Hear how this exciting grass roots movement unites local communities, celebrities and ...

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        Enough is Enough. How Flint Should Have Been Handled!

        CEO Eckelberry discusses the direct-action campaign, Enough is Enough™, and the American Renewable Energy Institute’s involvement with the OriginClear-sponsored non-profit. Hear how basketball legend Cedric Ceballos is on board and why this approach to handling Compton's "brown water" would have worked in Flint.