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Singapore’s Algae Enviro Engineering Adopts OriginOil’s Harvesting Technology for Algae-Enriched Animal Feed

Singapore’s only algae producer expects revenue this year for its spirulina probiotic-enriched feeds, which significantly improve animal health and growth rates

Los Angeles, Calif. and Singapore – September 25, 2013 – OriginOil, Inc. (OTC/QB: OOIL), developer of Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), the high-speed, chemical-free process to clean up large quantities of water, today announced that Algae Enviro Engineering (AEE), a Singapore-based photobioreactor systems provider and algae food producer, has adopted OriginOil’s Electro Water SeparationTM (EWS) technology for its algae production plant in Jurong, Singapore.

  Algae Enviro-Engineering is developing a model for integrated algae-aquaculture sites throughout urban locations in Singapore, with a focus on the economically sustainable development of aquaculture in Southeast Asia.

“After evaluating OriginOil’s portfolio, our technical team felt that OriginOil had some novel, scalable, and potentially game-changing technologies for carbon sequestration, algae production and aquaculture management, said Edwin Teo, Algae Enviro-Engineering Director. “We are excited about the opportunity to work closely with OriginOil as a partner during our research, planning and commercial deployment stages. Having the right partners and technologies is critical, as our expectation is to have this facility in revenue this year.”

Algae Enviro-Engineering is the only algae producer in Singapore. Its commercial products include the uniquely enhanced AEE Spirulina Probiotic Premix, which is designed to be incorporated into animal feed, and Spirulina Probiotic Premix, which has been used to help treat mastitis in cows and to enhance their immune systems; to improve weight and growth rates in fish; and to increase egg production and overall growth rates in poultry.

“Singapore is a great place to develop a synergic algae-aquaculture organic, sustainable biomass production project,”added Jose Sanchez, OriginOil Vice President of Quality Assurance and Services. “Given its tropical location, which provides abundant sunlight, steady mild temperature and access to wastewater, Singapore is the one of the best locations to grow algae in the world. Our EWS Algae provides microbiological management of algae culture, chemical-free algae dewatering and a resulting paste with enhanced shelf life. So it is proving ideal for producing AEE Spirulina Probiotic Premix, given that it can provide the best quality for food products based on fresh algae strains.”

Wildlife Reserve Singapore, which owns and operates the Singapore zoo, river safari, night safari and birdpark, recently began to use AEE Spirulina Probiotic Premix. And in a recent trial, the weight of Japanese two color carp nearly doubled in comparison with conventional feed, when given High Spirulina Probiotic Aquafeed over a period of five weeks. To receive more information on these products, please fill out the contact form at http://www.algae-ee.com/Products.php

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