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OriginOil Technology Successfully Processes Liquid Sewage

Waste Appliance Prototype Now Treating Liquid Waste as Part of Urban Algae Site near Paris

Los Angeles, CA – July 18, 2013 – OriginOil, Inc. (OTC/QB: OOIL), developer of a breakthrough water cleanup technology for oil & gas, algae and other water-intensive industries, announced today that its Electro Water Separation™ system (EWS) can successfully treat liquid sewage directly at the point of origin, in commercial buildings. A prototype EWS Waste unit (the Waste Appliance™) now processes liquid waste at an urban algae demonstration site near Paris, generating clean, nitrate-rich water to feed algae grown on the building’s roof as an energy source.

“This prototype waste treatment system from OriginOil works perfectly, generating clean, fertile water for our algae systems,” said Jean-Louis Kindler, CTO of OriginOil’s joint venture, Paris-based Ennesys. “By utilizing human waste as a feedstock for algae energy, we are showing that urban algae production can meet many essential building requirements—energy generation and waste disposal alike—in a simple closed loop system.”

In the Ennesys system, human sewage is first separated into solids and liquids. OriginOil’s EWS Waste process then sanitizes the fluids and converts the urea into nitrates. The clean, fertile water is then fed into the algae tubes on the roof of the building, where algae grows and is harvested daily for energy.

“It may come as a surprise to many that it is actually just as easy to clean building sewage as it is to treat fish farm water,” said Nicholas Eckelberry, OriginOil co-founder and chief inventor. “What we learned in the Salton Sea area of California directly helped us succeed in France.”

OriginOil’s R&D team of Nicholas Eckelberry and operations manager Andrew Davies completed the installation in June. Shortly after installation, the team reported successful results, and the demonstration unit is reportedly able to process about 250,000 liters per day, with more efficiency gains expected.

Eckelberry and Davies also upgraded the EWS Algae unit, (Algae Appliance™) already operating at Ennesys.

“We received OriginOil’s very first Algae Appliance last summer,” continued Jean-Louis Kindler of Ennesys. “While it worked great, the free upgrade we received makes it phenomenally simple and functional. They have really learned a lot in the past year, and we are highly satisfied with the systems that OriginOil is shipping these days.”

Located in the iconic La Défense complex near Paris, the permanent Ennesys showcase is demonstrating that algae can help commercial buildings cleanly generate more energy than they consume, and to purify their waste water, as envisioned by France’s ambitious RT 2020 sustainable energy framework.

Companies interested in installing urban industrial algae systems, or in getting a demonstration of the OriginOil algae harvesting and waste treatment systems now running at Ennesys, should contact Ennesys by selecting “Contact” at www.ennesys.com.

All OriginOil systems are delivered with on-site commissioning and operator training. To schedule onsite commissioning for the second half of 2013, please contact sales@originoil.com.

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