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OriginOil Releases Commercial-Scale Algae Harvester and Aquaculture Water Treatment Designs

New commercial scale Electro Water Separation™ models are modular for distributed systems

Los Angeles, CA – July 11, 2013 – OriginOil, Inc. (OTC/QB: OOIL), developer of Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), the high-speed, chemical-free way to clean up very large quantities of water used by the oil & gas, algae and other water-intensive industries, announced today that it has expanded its algae and aquaculture designs to achieve commercial scale. The new systems are each intended to process up to 60 liters (16 gallons) per minute, scaling up through modular design for distributed management of both algae and fish farming ponds.

OriginOil’s new Chief Operating Officer, Bill Charneski, stated: “these new units reflect months of research, field testing and customer feedback. They also will incorporate new microprocessor-driven controls to reduce operator skill requirements.”

For algae, the existing lab-scale Model A4, which processes up to four liters per minute for lab scale testing and process development, has been scaled up to the new “stretch” Model A60, now available for commercial rollout in modular ponds and bioreactors. It is intended to greatly reduce the cost of algae harvesters for commercial operators.

In aquaculture, the Model Q60 was recently demonstrated at a leading California fish farm, Aqua Farming Technology. It is designed for ammonia and microbiology management, targeting commercial-scale Aquaculture production. By adopting EWS to sanitize water in a continuous loop process, farms can free up valuable land lost to filtration ponds, and reduce or eliminate expensive chemicals and antibiotics.

(See an animation of the Q60 in operation).

The algae system can also be deployed in aquaculture to enable fish farmers to quickly harvest algae and pelletize it for highly nutritious and cost-effective fish feed.

COO Charneski added, “All of these improvements and design parameters are being engineered by Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, and built to commercial standards by Clean Water Technology. We believe we can now meet anticipated demand with both quantity and quality.”

All OriginOil systems are delivered with on-site commissioning and operator training. Installer availability is very limited. To schedule onsite commissioning for the second half of 2013, please contact sales@originoil.com.

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