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OriginClear’s Modular Water Systems Books Record Month

May purchase orders reached approximately $1.5 Million

Clearwater, FL – June 16, 2022 – OriginClear Inc. (OTC Pink: OCLN), the Clean Water Innovation Hub™, announces that its Modular Water Systems™ (MWS) business division received purchase orders for approximately $1.5 Million in May of 2022. This compares to $1,774,880 in purchase orders for the entire year 2021.

Dan Early in Fabrication plant OriginClear Chief Engineer, Dan Early, details the components of the EveraMOD™ lift station.
Photo taken at strategic partner, Houston Polytank, fabrication  facility.


Rising Demand

“Our May purchase orders included a mix of waste management for a power plant, off-grid sewage management for a summer camp, and wastewater lift stations for both a lakeside development and a highway travel stop,” said Daniel M. Early P.E., OriginClear Chief Engineer and President of the MWS division. “In addition to our normal industrial business, we are seeing rising demand for modular water systems to reduce the need for municipal sewage connections.”

MWS owns a master license for Mr. Early’s five international patents for prefabricated, highly-durable modular water treatment and pumping products. This proprietary technology frequently qualifies as “Basis of Design” for projects, which means that competitors cannot easily undercut MWS.

EveraMOD feature imageEveraMOD lift stations are made with structurally reinforced thermoplastics which delivery longer lifecycles than conventional concrete and steel and are prepackaged for easy, drop and go installation.

Modular Water Systems, which has been integrated with OriginClear’s Dallas, Texas-based Progressive Water Treatment, is becoming its own business unit. Its growing EveraMOD™ wastewater lift station product line was featured in a recent video at a manufacturing site.


Highly Focused Pure Plays

In its role as the Clean Water Innovation Hub, OriginClear management plans to continue to build its various business divisions and, in time, launch them as separate entities and potential public companies themselves, in which OriginClear would retain a substantial stake.

“We believe that developing a series of profitable public company candidates could deliver far more shareholder value than trying to maintain multiple divisions in a single company,” said Riggs Eckelberry, OriginClear CEO. “We intend these startups to be highly focused ‘pure plays,’ while OriginClear assures all central services, such as Legal, HR, IT and marketing.”

The first such launch is OriginClear’s new Water On Demand™ (WOD) unit, which has achieved funding for its first commercial pilot program. Using long-term service contracts, WOD offers relief from capital expense (CapEx) for local businesses and housing communities, and intends to use local water companies to build and provide onsite support, for maximum scalability.


Licensing and Partners

To standardize these nationwide water systems, the Company plans to license the MWS modular, prefabricated designs to these water companies and expects this to be a significant source of high-margin revenues for MWS.

About OriginClear Inc.

OriginClear leads the self-reliant water revolution, democratizing water investment by developing a marketplace to connect investors with water projects; and commercializing modular, prefabricated, filter-free advanced systems for faster sanitation worldwide. With America’s broken infrastructure and 100 billion dollars of government spending to fix the nation’s 150,000-plus water systems, OriginClear is helping them “cut the cord”, by developing outsourced pay-per-gallon programs and a future digital currency to streamline payments. Our line of Modular Water products and systems is key to the self-reliant water treatment revolution as they create “instant infrastructure” – fully engineered, prefabricated and prepackaged systems that use durable, sophisticated materials.

For more information, visit the company’s website: www.OriginClear.com

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