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OriginClear Modular Water System Helps Automotive Dealership Expand into Rural Land

Case study shows how point-of-use treatment solves lack of access to public sewer system

Los Angeles (Nov. 7, 2019) – OriginClear Inc. (OTC: OCLND), a leading provider of water treatment solutions, announces it has officially commissioned its first closed-loop modular toilet waste recycling system for a commercial project in the mid-Atlantic. The customized wastewater treatment system, valued at $130,000, helped the customer expand its automotive dealership into a rural area otherwise unfit for operation.

The customer faced a difficult situation with a preferred real estate location that was land- and soil-constrained and without access to public sewage systems. Based on a cost-benefit analysis of expected results with OriginClear’s system, the customer determined that a decentralized close-loop wastewater recycling system could resolve the location’s deficiencies and add value to the real estate.

In response, OriginClear designed an advanced wastewater treatment system to treat blackwater toilet waste to a tertiary (or nitrate-free) level, enabling reuse for flush water in a closed-loop solution.

“This project has enabled the business to expand into low-cost real estate that could not be connected to municipal sewage,” said OriginClear Senior Engineer Daniel M. Early, PE. “The closed-loop recycling system compared favorably with the cost of a commercial-grade septic system, while avoiding potential groundwater contamination and reducing potable water demands. It’s an elegant solution for a problem many expanding businesses face.

“We believe our Modular Water System is important for its ability to protect the local environment from added pollution while reducing potable water demands and their inherent purchase costs.”

Early described the challenge and the solution in detail in a recent interview on the company’s weekly CEO Briefing channel. View the case study here.

“Businesses that manage more of their own wastewater inherently improve their real estate and enterprise values,” said Tom Marchesello, OriginClear COO. “By providing modular, prefabricated, packaged systems, we empower them to stay focused on their own mission. Local processing with minimal trouble - that’s what businesses want.”

For commercial information on OriginClear’s advanced treatment systems, please use the Company’s contact form and select “Modular Water Systems.”


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