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OriginClear Launches Water On Demand™, A FinTech to Accelerate Water Treatment By Private Businesses

Analysis shows that half of all prospective Modular Water Systems™ customers would subscribe to water treatment as a service.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA – April 13, 2021 – OriginClear Inc. (OTC Pink: OCLN), The Water Company for the New Economy™, today announced that it has created a wholly-owned subsidiary called Water On Demand #1, Inc., to offer private businesses the ability to pay for their water treatment and purification services on a pay-per-gallon basis.


Fed Spending Continues to Drop

As the federal government’s contribution to city water treatment systems continues to drop from 63% in the seventies to just nine percent today (Source: US Water Alliance), businesses are increasingly having to do their own water treatment and purification.

Fed spending on WWT


Attractive to Businesses

The scale of these systems is relatively small: the 74 quotes that Modular Water Systems™ has at various stages of negotiation for 2021 average only $232,246 each. But capital is scarce for such private systems, and therefore a fully outsourced solution is attractive to these businesses.

“We’ve done the internal analysis,” said Riggs Eckelberry, OriginClear CEO. “Half of our prospective clients for Modular Water Systems would approve our quotes if they could pay for their water as a monthly bill and not a capital expense.”


Well-known in the water industry, this business model is called Design-Build-Own-Operate or DBOO. Customers for DBOO enjoy completely outsourced water treatment and purification services and pay “on the meter”.


Outsourcing Water Risk

The Company believes water is a risk that smart managers will outsource, especially with worsening inflation. Outsourcing through what we call Water on Demand™ means that these companies do not have to worry about the problem, either financing it or managing it.


Proven Model

In Information Technology, few companies operate a server in-house powering their website. It is managed by professionals through a service level agreement. Water Purchase Agreements (WPAs) are an equivalent, very similar to the solar energy programs known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Under such a plan, a business can now outsource its wastewater treatment by simply signing on the dotted line; instantly avoiding most capital expense, and the trouble of managing something that is a distraction from their core business.

This is financially and operationally attractive to industrial, agricultural, and commercial water users, while OriginClear’s Water On Demand program can potentially drive speeded-up deals and many more revenue streams from providing water treatment as a service.


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