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OriginClear Launches The Company’s First Water System Rental Program

Pool recycling system is first of three pilots for short term rentals of larger water systems.

MCKINNEY, Texas– June 11, 2020– OriginClear Inc. (OTC: OCLN), The Water Company for the New Economy™, announces that it signed its first-ever short-term rental contract for commercial water systems, intended to speed up sales of water projects. The company is internally funding the rentals for now, but also exploring partnerships with established financing providers to handle anticipated demand.


2millionpools feature


Three New Markets

“We are testing three new markets for our pilot rental program,” said Riggs Eckelberry, OriginClear CEO. “The first one is a mobile pool recycling system called the Pool Preserver™ that saves both water and pools, now deployed in Phoenix, Arizona.”

Eckelberry added, “We believe we are pioneers in short-term rentals of larger commercial and industrial water equipment, which we have learned from this transaction can help provide work for entrepreneurs affected by the current slowdown."

20 Contracts In First Month

The rental program was ideal for Ryan Kooistra, new to pool cleaning and looking for a way to stand out. Since he took possession, he says he has booked more than 20 contracts in his first month, clearing an excellent profit right out of the gate.

“Like millions of others, I found myself without a job or income because of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Kooistra. “The timing of 2millionpools™, OriginClear’s short term rental program, couldn’t have been better. I am super excited and already thinking about a second Pool Preserver.”


2millionpools Marketing Program

While networking, Kooistra met Dwight Barber, a pioneer of pool recycling systems. Barber had commissioned OriginClear’s Progressive Water Treatment to build the original system to his specs in 2019. This year, Barber partnered to help OriginClear market the system as part of the company’s 2millionpools marketing program.

For information about Pool Preserver and the 2millionpools rental program, please contact water@originclear.com.

In a company video (https://youtu.be/7yjEjCH-6Ts), Dwight spoke of the success he had over the last few years offering reverse osmosis purification and recycling of swimming pools water. Dwight said:

When I brought this to Phoenix, the vast majority of pool guys called me an idiot, a fool, said Barber in the video. “It'll never work.” I'm just the kind of guy that's like, "Tell me I can't do something, and I'm going to figure out a way to make it happen." That was three years ago, almost 15 million gallons ago. It became apparent to me that there had to be a better alternative than just draining a pool. Any time you drain a pool, you inherently put some things at risk. They're designed to be full of water, the surface to be wet.

It becomes extremely problematic as the temperatures rise and summer sets in, because of a natural occurring thing called expansion. When things get hot, they expand. There's no expansion joints in a pool. They create their own by cracking. And it may be just a hairline crack, but it's still a crack and your pool is going to leak and you're going to have issues.

The potential for this is huge. Maricopa County here in Phoenix has, I think, three hundred seventy-five thousandish pools. And each purification unit can do one pool per day. Now that's just Maricopa County. When you take it clear across the Sunbelt, there's millions and millions of pools.


First In A Series

The 2millionpools Pool Preserver program  is the first in a series of up to three pilot programs intended to validate the Investor Water™ short-term rental concept.




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