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OriginClear Inaugurates Innovative Modular Lagoon Treatment

First Pondster-brand unit treats a mobile home park sewage lagoon with beneficial biology 

CLEARWATER, FL – September 28, 2021 OriginClear Inc. (OTC Pink: OCLN), Total Outsourced Water™, today announced that it recently deployed its first Pondster™ brand modular lagoon treatment system at a Mobile Home Park (MHP) or trailer park, in Troy, Alabama. At the heart of the system is an innovative biofilm treatment process which holds promise as a core technology offering of the Company.

Video of the commissioning: https://youtu.be/vk_KHk7ADA0

After just eight days, the lagoon exhibited rapid improvement in water quality (see before and after image), which is continuing.

Sewage Lagoon Before-After


Not Anticipated

“It’s just amazing the change in just eight days,” said Claudia, a manager of the company that owns the Troy-based MHP. “It's tremendous. We did not anticipate changes as we were told between 30 and 60 days. And just to see what happened in eight days, we are extremely excited.”

Claudia added, “If I could just give you an analogy as to how our experience has been over the last 8 days, imagine a soaking kitchen pan that was very oily and you have it with water. And all of a sudden you drop three drops of dish detergent and it starts bubbling. And all of a sudden it starts separating the grease. That's how it looks like on the surface from the duckweed. We obviously cannot tell you anything about the bacteriology levels and where they are right now, because they haven't tested. But visually just the duckweed removal is something amazing.”



“We are excited to see Pondster take off like this,” said Tom Marchesello, OriginClear Chief Operating Officer. “We plan to offer models for Mobile Home Parks, water features at housing developments, and animal farms for first-stage disinfection and clarification of manure effluent.”


Beneficial Bacteria

“The owners came to us having exhausted all other options for upgrading the lagoon,” stated Daniel M. Early P.E., OriginClear Chief Engineer. “At the time, we were studying the treatment of lagoons using an innovative biofilm treatment process installed in a Modular Water Systems structural plastic tank system. We called it the “Pond Monster”, or Pondster.

Basically, the lagoon water circulates continuously through the treatment unit, where an aeration system provides the oxygen the biofilm of beneficial bacteria needs to grow and thrive. Over time, the lagoon water clears up as the biofilm system consumes the nutrients that the algae present in the lagoon need to survive while at the same time, releasing beneficial dissolved oxygen and bacteria into the lagoon, where the bacteria continues to purify.”


State Enforced Limits

“Like many other mobile home parks in America, this one was designed decades ago to collect its human waste in an open-air sewage lagoon located on the property,” Early went on. “Operating essentially as a septic cesspool with no form of advanced treatment capability, the foul-smelling lagoon continually increased pollution concentrations to the point where it was no longer in compliance with increasingly stringent discharge permit limits as enforced by the State of Alabama. Faced with this daunting challenge, this MHP had to find a way to treat the lagoon so that its discharge water could be safely released into the environment ─ hard to do inexpensively.”


Growing Trend

Early further commented, “making a sewer connection to the local public sewer utility was not an option. This is a typical case of a water user being forced to treat their own waste water, which I encounter daily as a growing trend.”

For more information about Pondster, please go to www.originclear.tech/contact-us or call (323) 451-7050.


About OriginClear, Inc. OTC Pink: OCLN

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