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AlgEternal Counts on OriginOil’s Algae Harvesting Technology For Drive to Revenue Beginning This Year

Harvesting efficiency and bacterial control cited as key reasons for commercial adoption

Los Angeles, CA and Weimar, TX – August 29, 2013 – OriginOil, Inc. (OTC/QB: OOIL), developer of Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), the high-speed, chemical-free process to clean up large quantities of water, announced today that, after successful implementation and testing at its Weimar, Texas site, algae technology company AlgEternal will integrate EWS into its commercial algae production platform for paying customers in the US and overseas as early as the fourth quarter.

AlgEternal selected OriginOil EWS technology after exhaustive testing demonstrated that EWS Algae systems harvest algae at the highest level of efficiency, effectively control bacteria in algal paste to facilitate a long shelf life, while producing a live cell harvest. OriginOil’s contribution could be key to generating revenue for AlgEternal’s Commercial Algae Production Platform.

“After evaluating OriginOil’s products, our technical team felt that OriginOil had a novel, scalable, and potentially game-changing technology to harvest and process algal biomass into commercially viable products,” said Hugh Morris, AlgEternal’s COO. “We are excited about the opportunity to work closely with them as a partner during our research, planning and commercial deployment stages. Having the right partners and technologies is critical, as our expectation is to have the Commercial Algae Production Platform yielding revenue late this year.”

Morris continued, “The Culture Collection of the University of Texas in Austin has been working with AlgEternal, and together we have completed the development of commercial fertilizers for use in large scale algae production. The Culture Collection is now preparing to validate the excellent production results from the novel AlgEternal Opti-Max Model 580MP bioreactor. We intend full commercial scale production capacity by the first quarter of 2014.  AlgEternal selected OriginOil as a strategic partner due to its robust design that can perform the functions of harvesting and micro-biological control in algae commercial production.”

OriginOil plans to support AlgEternal’s commercial efforts by providing its technical expertise to deploy commercial size harvesting solutions in full integration with AlgEternal’s proprietary algae growth systems called Vertical Growth Modules (VGM™).

Morris added that in his view, with 55 years in the agricultural industry and 7 years growing algae, "The OriginOil EWS harvester provides the highest level of production in harvesting one would ever hope to see. The speed and volume capabilities are exceptionally high. This is, hands down, a must have for the future of the algae industry."

“AlgEternal is a great partner to develop an integrated algae production-harvesting platform with, said Jose Sanchez, OriginOil VP of Quality Assurance and Services. “I have seldom had the pleasure to harvest such a dense and clean algae culture as the one produced with AlgEternal’s VGM growth systems, which are scalable, easy to operate and produce very high yields.”

OriginOil Global Sales Manager Marlene Stewart added: “We intend to help AlgEternal’s Commercial Algae Production Platform develop a leading role in the production of algae for biofuels, organic animal protein for food products, animal feed, aquaculture feed and nutriceuticals which could create long-term economic growth and local jobs in hundreds of communities in the United States and worldwide.”

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