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Today: the Modular Way

From: Riggs Eckelberry
Los Angeles, May 16, 2019

Good morning!

In his 1990 book, The Macintosh Way, Guy Kawasaki wrote:

“The Macintosh Way of doing business means doing the right thing and doing things right…. It is a way of doing business for people who are foolish or brave enough to try to make a difference in a world of mediocrity.”

Early on, Macintosh defined a particular style, a "thing". A Mac worked intuitively and the experience was seamless.

That was the Macintosh Way, and when Apple does things right today, it's faithful to that original vision.

Steve Jobs presents the Mac

Steve Jobs First Presents the Macintosh

"Doing the right thing and doing things right" — that's why we say, UPGRADE TO MODULAR.

When you upgrade to Modular, you get more than just any water system. You get the Modular Way, created by visionary technologist, Daniel M. Early, P.E. who says: 

"Modular Water Systems utilizes heavy plastics, emerging materials, and robust computer control systems in ways that enhance the world’s desire for environmental stewardship while providing service capabilities and environmental protections that until recently, were not thought feasible or even possible."

That's pretty cool, and it's why Dan and his growing team typically achieve "Basis of Design" status on 19 out of 20 projects that they bid. 

That means that the customer specifically has adopted the patented designs and software that make Modular Water special.

Just like Macintosh, that means these systems stand out. And are getting new prospective customers in a growing stream, without much being spent on marketing. 

That's a sign the Modular Way is right.

Centralized Systems Fail

And it's just in time, too: the latest news is from India, which an MIT Review article describes as being a nation in deep water crisis... and meanwhile, the Indian government plans a $80 billion water project to move water around!

That's the problem with centralized water projects, they are too expensive, take decades, and meanwhile, populations suffer.

India Water Crisis

Photo: Saumya Khandelwal. Source: MIT Technology Review

The time has come for smaller, localized water treatment systems to solve problems right now.

And each and every day, we are helping more.

Whether you invest, or just pass on the word, you are helping to make this change happen.

Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

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