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The Water System In A Box™

From: Riggs Eckelberry
Los Angeles, May 21, 2019

 Good morning!

Today, we are in an all-day meeting near Dallas, to launch our unified brand effort behind Modular Water Treatment.

The Age of Modular Water 

Dan Early joined us in the last week of June, 2018. He came to us with a following of prospective clients who wanted his prefabricated, prepackaged Water System in a Box™.

In addition to his "book" of prospective customers, Dan brought us his patents, which he licensed to us exclusively, worldwide.

Modular Patent List

(You can view this list in our recent annual report by clicking this link.)

Over the past months, we have indeed been signing up a number of those clients. And we are also responding to strong requests for new projects.

New organizational structure

Today's all-day meeting will put in place a new organizational structure that will clearly make our subsidiary, Progressive Water Treatment, into the "production engine" for the Modular water product line.

We have now recognized that Modular Water Systems has the technology the world needs right now

In other words, we now know we made our "home run" acquisition on June 24th, 2018. And we're treating it as such!

A unique look and performance

Many of Dan Early's designs have a special look. Why? Because they use the same highly durable and rigid material that they use in oil pipelines. It's called Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic (SRTP).

This gives the units an amazing lifespan of up to 100 years — while conventional materials last 25 years or even less.

Here's one of his designs for a pump station (before he came to work with us) being shipped out to the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse, where it sits today.

SRTP Pump Station fo LA Federal Courthouse

SRTP pump station installed at the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse.

The old pump stations leak badly.

A 2011 report from the California Public Utilities Commission estimated that 10 percent of all urban water deliveries are lost to leaks annually, reports California Magazine. 

This is the new generation. It's one of many such installations that are strong references for Modular Water today.

What about our core technology?

Meanwhile, what about OriginClear Technologies, home of Electro Water Separation
with Advanced Oxidation (EWS/AOx)?

Recently, Bill Charneski came back from a world tour to visit our licensees and ventures, and he determined who's producing in the network. These are the producers we will be supporting to the max.

Have a great rest of week.

Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

PS: If you missed it, you can now read the transcript for last week's CEO Briefing!

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