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An Unexpected Award

napac_brochure_Page_1Good morning!

Keynoting an industry conference

As I write this, most of our management team has been traveling.

"JL" Kindler is doing numerous deals in East Asia.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Eckelberry has successfully launched our first algae harvesting customer in China!

And Mael Disa-Vingataramin presented at the National Algae Association's workshop in Richmond, California.

But we're most proud of Bill Charneski, who has been honored to be a keynote speaker at the North American Petroleum Accounting Conference!

And last week he co-presented with our licensee, Gulf Energy, at the Middle East Oilfield Produced Water Management Conference in Muscat, Oman...

You can view Bill's Oman presentation, "OriginClear Water Treatment with Innovative Desalination Techniques",  on our home page, bottom right — or in our Presentation Archive.

What this means:

Thanks to months of hard work by Bill, and our VP of Engineering, Lee Portillo, OriginClear is a recognized player in the oil and gas water cleanup business.

An unexpected award

Here's a panoramic view of the Fourth Annual Sustainable Business Council Awards, held last week in Santa Monica.

20150422 SBC Awards Audience

Renowned director James Cameron spoke, and Jessica Alba accepted a special award for her startup, The Honest Company.

Then the awards began.

And the winner is... OriginClear!

You know, the fifteen finalists for the Sustainable Seedling Small Business Award were FANTASTIC. So I was stunned to hear our name called out!!

You can watch it all here... just fast forward to watch the award, and my acceptance speech, at minute 42 in this video.

After the speech I was hustled backstage to be photographed with the savvy previous year's recipient, Janabai Owens, CEO of the great healthy food products company, Rawvolution.

20150422 SBC Awards OriginClear

Why did we receive this award?

A judge stopped by and said to me that we were the only company that fit every single measure of success. That we truly were "sustainably focused and reduced ecological impact".

Well, we are honored, and we promise to live up to the promise of the award.

Thank you, judges of the Fourth Annual SBC Industry Achievement Awards... and thank you to the SBC's tireless Executive Director, Molly Lavik!

Have a great week.

Riggs and Team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OOIL)

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