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A Pearl Of An Acquisition

From: Riggs Eckelberry
Los Angeles, January 28, 2019

Good morning!

The "pearl"

Last Thursday, Bill Charneski and I met with that great company in Texas. And it really is a pearl. 

This company has an extensive international network and very solid governmental connections. If the acquisition goes forward, it will be a major upgrade of our global business. 

And we know there's synergy, because they already work with our Progressive and Modular divisions!

Now, there's still plenty of road from here to there, but we know that we have the following, in principle:

  • Financing.
  • A deal. So far, just a handshake and that's all it can be, until we finalize.

Where do we go from here? A lot of detail work, leading up to the disclosable, definitive agreement. If it happens at all, it's going to take a few more weeks. 

So... I'm quite optimistic. But — don't bank on it!

A regional opportunity

I don't usually pin any hopes on Big Deals. We've heard our share. This business is a running game, not a series of long passes.

But, there is a country in our hemisphere with a large population and a real water problem. The party in power has promised to solve the problem.

We're in talks with a team that says it has the relationships with the party in power, and has the money to roll out our tech in that country.

They asked me, "Riggs, what is your own goal?" And I answered that my ambition is to get onto the NASDAQ. They were OK with that.

But a little while later, I said, "you know, my real ambition is to make a real difference in water. To really change the way things are done in this industry."

And you know? That's the answer they were looking for. They are pretty cool, and I personally think this particular Big Deal may happen.

We will see.

OK - so that's the news for this morning. I see on our dashboard for this morning that Progressive and Modular — and our own Technology division — are doing extremely well in the new year.

So join me this Thursday, January 31 at 5PM Pacific Time, and I will discuss how it's going.

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And if you would like a private briefing in the meantime, just call (323) 939-6645 ext 116 or email

Have a great week!

Your CEO,


Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginClear, Inc. (OCLN)

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