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Water Is The New Gold: Why People Invest In Water

Oct 17, 2020 1:17:24 AM

Insider Briefing of 15 October 2020

Helping you thrive in the world’s ONLY vital, scarce and recession-proof market

This was an eye-opening briefing! Why ARE high net-worth individuals investing in water? Ivan Anz answered that and shared his incredible plan for saving water while helping Waterpreneurs™... Plus, we got the story behind Philanthroinvestors' 4000% growth in just a few years from CEO Arte Maren. Now they're our partners and this briefing reveals just what that means!



Transcript from recording:




Riggs Eckelberrry:

Good evening everyone. And welcome to the Water is the New Gold briefing. And I'm so happy to have you guys on board. We're going to go ahead and start very quickly while people join us. We're going to let you know that today is of course the 83rd briefing in the weekly series, which started a couple of years ago. And we are helping you thrive in the world's only vital scarce and recession proof market.



Forward Looking Statements

Let's talk about quickly the fact that we are not gods, although we try. What I'm saying is that when I say something might or might happen, we certainly intend them to do, and we are trying our best, but they could differ, But I believe in the end we make it all happen.


New York Weekly article

Transforming the Water Industry

Okay. Some cool news. We have New York weekly published an article. And so I'm going to quickly show you this cool article right here, here it is. "Origin Clear recruits investors and entrepreneurs to help transform the water industry." And this is a cool story that talks about how we changed the company because of COVID really.

It's a super exciting story which is going to be a lot of fun, it's a story of Water As A Career™, how we work on financing, the Pondster™ that's coming up, my vast experience, that's because I'm old, and basically where we're going with the future of the Airbnb style marketplace and so forth. So this is super cool.


VIdeo Presentation

With that said, I'm now going to play that short video and then we're going to do something else that's fun.

(collage from video)Philanthroinvestor presents OC collage


So, that's cool. And here is the clip that we played back in August, and I want to replay it for you. This is a little quiet silent animation that shows how this company Equity and Help made it for the second year in a row to the Inc 500.

(collage from video)

20200813 Equity and Help Achieved


And we're going to explain to you why that's relevant to tonight's briefing. These guys with 4000% growth in two years. Pretty shocking. And what's amazing is that even though the world has fallen apart, they continue to do amazing numbers with their real estate. So, my hats off to them. Like that.


Arte Maren - CEO Philanthroinvestors

CEO Philanthroinvestors

And now I'm going to introduce Mr. Arte Maren, who is going to join us. And he is the amazing chairman and CEO of Philanthroinvestors. Welcome aboard, sir.

Arte: Thank you very much Riggs.

Riggs: So what is the relevance of this Inc 500, Equity and Help? What happened that it became an inc 500 company?


Help and Growth

Arte: Well, the growth of the company and the help word are very connected, they're really inseparable. It wasn't all that way. We were a normal, somewhat plodding along, we were doing okay, real estate company. And Ivan's background has always been one of help and so on.

And one day, and actually is a whole other story. But in a shower, he had a realization that we had to marry up. He wanted to make a marriage of investing and philanthropy. And rather than trying try and fit these square things in one box he said, "Philanthroinvesting, that's it." He went back to his company and he said, "Philanthroinvesting."

And after they try to pronounce it for about a half an hour, finally, they got it. And at that moment Riggs, at that moment is when the company took off. It just rang a bell with people out there who were doing investing.


How Good a Management?

And if you look at it and we've have looked at it a lot, it provides so many things, it's an identity. I'm not an investor, I'm a philanthroinvestor. And that is also stature and identity. And so it worked on a great level in terms of the acceptance. But more importantly, it also put a tremendous spotlight on our structure and how we ran the company.

And it posed an interesting question, which I put out to everyone watching right now, how good a management must you have in a company? How good a manager do you have to be? And the answer to that is not well enough to make a billion dollars. What we concluded and what we saw was that you had to manage, and you had to have a structure that was efficient to the degree that you could do good.


Rally Cry

And that doing good, became the rally cry for everybody in the company. They knew now that they were doing good. And philanthroinvestors would come in and certainly make their investment and so on. So the company started growing and it kept growing. And to this point, being a serial Inc 500 company.

But that wasn't enough for Mr. Anz, which you'll hear about in a minute. No, we had to now expand it. We can do it in real estate. That's good. And we're definitely providing homes for people and so on and putting them in there.


Applied to Companies

But what about the rest of earth? Are we just a real estate company? And that's where philanthroinvestors came in, in terms of a much broader sense. In the sense of what are we doing about the water problems we have in this world? Energy? Air? What if we could apply the same principles to what we were doing to companies that were doing good, right? And we looked until we found OriginClear. And OriginClear was innovative, which is one of our signals, right?


Innovation Plus Products

The company had to have a product and it had to be innovative. Now remember when we first came across it and came across the financial structure, you had Riggs, I said to Ivan, "I love what Riggs is doing. And I love the way he thinks. I sure hope they have a product." He's already in love with the company but... and then we found out that not only did you have products, but they were innovative and the idea of water as a market, that was it. So we kind of took it from there.

What's it Really About?

And we started learning over the years, really what it's about is that, earnings are very valuable. They come from the head. It's kind of a thinking process of analyzing and so on. Philanthroinvesting comes from the heart. It's an intangible, right? And therefore invaluable. The feeling of making money, which Ivan experienced quite a bit, not to mention the feeling of losing money speculating.

Riggs: As we've all done.

Arte: Yeah, in speculating, you have your ups and downs, but even when you're winning after a while, "Hey, you know what? You just made another 10,000 today." "Oh, good. And by the way, can I have a muffin with that?"

Riggs: Yeah right.

Arte: But when you start hearing the effect you've made in the handling of the water problems on earth, that's a whole different thing.

Riggs: Wow. Well, that's a beautiful and ultimate thing and in fact, I wanted to show everyone what this means in terms of the website where we appear with Water Philanthroinvesting, and here is that website.


Philanthroinvestor website


We have the Philanthroinvestors' website, which is right here, awaken your philantroinvestor within.


The Hard Reality


And then we have the water section, which is the hard reality as we know, we've said this many times. More people die from unsafe water than war.


Water Philanthroinvesting book and game


And that there're some products, there's this book that's in progress, there's a game even.


WPI The companies


First Company

And now we are the first company to be working on this and there's a nice little video that you've seen before. So, that's where we are. And what I love is that we're now essentially doing what Equity and Help did, which got this overlay of philanthroinvesting to what it was already doing well. So the core activity was good, but then it added this element of philanthropic investment, right? So that's super exciting.


Philanthroinvestors Founder Ivan Anz


Founder Philanthroinvestors

And in fact, I wanted to bring in the founder, the visionary Ivan, and Ivan comes on. I love your shirt, babe. I love your shirt.

Ivan: Thank you. Thank you Riggs.

Riggs: So, thank you Arte for walking us through this. 


Why people invest in water


Why Successful People Invest

Now, I teased everyone with something that you did with a survey that you took, which was... You introduced us to a prominent hotelier, in fact, who went ahead and invested in OriginClear. And we thank you for the referral. And then you did a survey. Why don't you tell me what this survey means?

Ivan: Oh, basically, Riggs, the main point on philanthroinvesting that I actually discover was that money for money is not happiness. And what I actually was researching more and more is that, when you actually put money and then you actually just get money back, you don't have that fulfilling and the high net worth individuals in the world are feeling that way. So, I realized that this is a very high net worth individual.


Top Priorities

I would see what he thinks about the reason why he looked at OriginClear as a worthy philanthroinvesting concept and why he actually invests. So I ask him, I wanted to realize if I was right in the idea that these people will put in the last priority, the money. And so I sent a survey and the survey was basically asking to give me the three top reasons on why he actually became a water philantroinvestor as soon as he learned about the company.

And I asked him to prioritize the level of importance. And then he says here, "A, clean water is the most fundamental element needed for human survival. And B, I like to invest in philanthropic programs where people benefit and C, good return for the investor with the option to convert to stock." So that was the last point. And he says, "Those are the same things I will tell the prospective, to other people."

Riggs: Amazing. So we have a person who is obviously going to be viral for us. And when we finally are able to talk about him, he's going to, I think, help us perhaps spread the word about our hotel, water purification product. In the age of COVID, travelers are going to want to know that they can have clean, ultra clean water. And so the ultra clean water is a key part of what these hotels need. So thank you for that, it's exciting.


How to save water while helping waterpreneurs


Supporting Waterpreneurs

And then there were a couple other cool concepts that you were working on this week. Let's take a look at the first one. This is for the higher net worth investor. And we calculated together that if you support one waterpreneur this is the, these are the numbers relating to the current pool preserver product, but there are other products we sell, we just focused on this one. A million liters, quarter million gallons of water per month, whoa, that is amazing.

Ivan: Yes sir. These all fall behind the concept of discovering through financial freedom. Because you can get financial freedom. You can make more money than what you actually expend, and you will be... If you're having an income that is involved, with the money that you spend and that income is coming from investment, you will kind of have that financial freedom. But the word freedom does not relate only to that. The word freedom relates to engagement, to knowledge, to impact, to really — enhancement and fulfilling.


Saving Water While Creating Careers

So these ads that I designed, and you can pull that up in the screen, not me but Philanthroinvestors' marketing team. What they did is communicate exactly to the high net worth individual that they can actually not only save 1 million liters of water per month, but they are creating a career for one more waterpreneur that is making six figures a year to actually at the same time, also save 1 million liters per month.

So the water philanthroinvestor now is supporting a family that maybe he didn't have a job, and he was not making goals and things financially. So now he's a waterpreneur. He's making water as a career and at the same time he's saving one million liters of water per month.

Riggs: Wow.

Ivan: You see.

Riggs: Wow. That is super cool. And the reason why Ivan, I stopped the share is... I'm actually going to show very shortly on the share, I'm actually going to show everyone where this website is going, but let's continue for a little bit longer with the slide show, because you also came up with the idea of what would a small investor would be able to do?


Become a Water Philanthroinvestor

A Philanthroinvesting Legacy

Ivan: Yes. What I love about water philanthroinvesting, and I am also planning to in the future open the same opportunity for real estate philanthroinvestors wherever they can. But for now, it's, become a water philanthroinvestor with just $1,000 and save 10,000 liters of water per month.

How cool is that? You come, you have your spare money there sitting in the bank account, is in your savings account, is actually making nothing, but here you just connect $1,000 only one time, not per month. If you do it every month, you're adding, in the next month you're saving 20,000 liters.

Riggs: Sure.

Ivan: So, if you do that each month that's what I call the Philanthroinvesting legacy. If you are in an unaccredited investor, unaccredited investor, and you don't have the 100,000, 200,000 to actually invest in the Regulation D, you can literally start setting aside $1,000 a month, and then you are creating a Philanthroinvesting legacy plan for the next 60 months. And then in 60 months you will have 60,000 invested and you will be saving 600,000 liters per month from that point on.

New OriginClear Website layout


Integration of Water Philanthroinvesting

Riggs: That is crazy ridiculous. And just to underline this point, this is, I've decided to, to share something that's internal. But we're redoing our website to... and not all of this is fitting I can see here that I need to fix the font. But now we're going to have these top level: Water As A Career, Products, Companies, Technology, News, Learn and About Us. And then the top level here is WaterPreneur University, Equipment Financing and Water Philanthroinvestors. So even though it looks like it's at the bottom, but it's really at the top level with what WaterPreneur University™ and Equipment Financing.

And then we have all the cool products like Pool Preserver™, Pondster, Progressive Water, which has these wonderful products, they're building like Bronc Boost™, and then Modular Water Systems™, moving on to the companies, the technology, the lab, the cool lab stuff that we're working on and of course learning from the briefings and so forth.

So we're basically, what I'm trying to say is, we are integrating Water Philanthroinvesting in our website as I speak. So, that is super exciting.


Water Philanthroinvestors

So we have, I think, a video.

Water Philanthroinvestor Eric Keller


I am Eric Keller, a CPA and I'm a Water Philanthroinvestor.

Water Philanthroinvestors Keith and Linda Roeten

I'm Keith Roeten. I'm a Water Philanthroinvestor.

Water Philanthroinvestor Bob Roos


Hi, I'm Bob Roos, and I'm a Water Philanthroinvestor.


Water Company For The New Economy

Riggs: So that is super cool and it was nice to just get these, some of our best investors and how they feel about it. So they are definitely on board with this, and I'm not going to repeat it.


Regulation A Offering page

Regulation A Offering

But what I wanted to also do was give a quick tour of this unaccredited investing offering, because we haven't covered it in recent weeks, but it's starting to get a lot of investors coming in. And so, how do you experience it and what's the process and what's involved?


OriginClear website investing navigation paths


What We're Doing

Well, let's take a look. So we're going to slip over here. If I click on invest now, its a big button here and this one here, it takes me to a description of what we're doing these days, the Ryan Kooistra story, the whole decentralization trend, decaying infrastructure. The stuff that I've been talking about for a long, long time is now becoming a reality and is being enabled by these modular systems. Then Water  As A Career, that's about there's good old Dwight Barber, and the video that we did of him got to a million views. So cool. And moving on down to what we're working with on the Pondster and so forth, stinky brown ponds, et cetera, et cetera.


Regulation A Learn More questions


Accredited or Foreign Investors

So this is a cool little summary of what we're working on and I invite you to do this. When you click on, learn more, you're going to get a question. One, two, three, four, the first four are for basically people who are accredited. Either they're accredited or they're from the outside of the U S.


Regulation A Offering details


Unaccredited Investors

But if you're none of the above, then it takes you to a page where you're going to be able to invest. When you do that, and there's all kinds of details, but very simply you go in and there is...there we go.


Regulation A investmenr form


Investment Interface

This is our interface for investing. And so, basically what you're doing is, you're earning 10% from your investment. Minimum investment is $500 and basic information about you. We have to give this information for what's called anti money laundering. In other words, know that you're for real.

Financial qualification is important because you can only invest up to 10% of your annual income or net worth. So if you're making $100,000, you can put in $10,000, or if your net worth is $50,000 and you make less than $50,000 a year, then you're going to put in $5,000. You can use your credit card or put it on your bank account, et cetera. And then you're basically done it sort of super, super simple process.


Regulation A Offering Circular


Offering Circular

So that I wanted to show you guys what that's about. And of course, along with that goes, the disclosure, this is called the offering circular, and you can see it by simply going to... I'll show you the link in a bit. But basically what it shows you is what the terms are... I'm going to zoom in a little bit and show you what's going on with that. Here we go. So you're going to be able to have dividends, 10% dividends and then we may at our discretion, redeem for 150%. So the basic deal is, you make 10% per year paid monthly.

I invested $1,000 and I get $8.33 a month electronically. And then when the company redeems my shares, they have to pay me $1,500. Now that's nice but of course, what if you want to sell it? Well, right here, we will seek to have a market maker file and application and we intend to quote this stock on the OTC, the over-the-counter market. And so, that's the basics tics of it is, the 10% dividend and the 150% repayment at our discretion, or you can sell through this series M you can also sell privately. So, that's a quick look at what this is about.

And so, without further ado, I'm going to move on. We took a look. And so, that's the basic look at this and I invite you to just simply go to originclear.com, click on the button in the red thing at the top and we're off and running.


Micro Utilities and Extended Reach

All right. Well, this has been short and sweet. I want to thank Ivan  and Arte for having come on and just let you know, what does this mean? Right now OriginClear has this, as Ken Berenger calls it, we're launching a series of micro-utilities. Utilities are water companies. And so, these mini water companies, which are entrepreneurs, we're launching them into society. And so, what we're doing here, we're doing it in the US, Water Philanthroinvesting, and the whole Philanthroinvestor network, I think it's in 26 countries, extends our reach tremendously,


Best Practices

But in addition, they're bringing to us all these best practices that allowed them to get on the Inc. 500. So it's a wonderful combination. And, yes, they're being given sweat equity, but they have to sweat with us. They have to meet the same performance requirements as the rest of us. So, they don't get really much of a free ride, but that's the story. So we are completing highly integrated, both, they're going to extend our network and extended this idea of 'waterpreneurs', and also they're going to help us with bringing in those best practices that they used.


IRAs — Self-Directed Investments

All right. So, Daryl: "Can we do the regulation A via our IRA?" And the answer is yes, you absolutely can. When you go to the link, you'll simply say, I want to use a trust or whatever, and there's a way to do it, which, if you want more details, just email, invest@originclear.com and Devin will be happy to help you with that.

Capability Stack

Lisa: "I don't see what you actually do, how you clean water and where." Well, that's because today we omitted the very important slides about the capability stack that this company has built over the years. The basic one, which is our filterless technology, and then moving on up there into the company we bought, Progressive Water in Dallas, Texas, which can build anything.

And then building on top of that is our Modular Water Systems, which are these drop in place water equipment. And finally, the last thing, which is Water As A Career, where you deploy this amazing equipment via entrepreneurs who are looking for work after COVID. And so, let's see if I got some more messages. Oh my gosh. And so, Lisa is a real estate philanthroinvestor for many years. Well, that's wonderful to hear.



And Danny: "I came for the equipment." Well, excellent. So if you're interested in coming for the equipment, go to poolpreserver.com and you'll get a chance to fill out a form. And you'll be able to hear more about that. Now, maybe you don't want to have a Pool Preserver. We have many other products.


Purchase or Cash Withdrawal?

Okay. Rick Garcia, very good question. Thank you for this. Riggs: "If you pay your investment using a credit card, does it show as a purchase or cash withdrawal?" it is a purchase. So you don't get penalized for the cash withdrawal. Really good question.


OriginClear Technology

Okay. So without further ado, I would actually like to play, since Lisa and others may be interested in, well, what the heck is this technology? I have this cool video that I like to play because it shows off my Spanish. And so, I'm going to martyrize with you guys with it, but it's actually a pretty cool video. It's short, but I think you'll enjoy it. So here it is. And in fact, it's right here at the site for the offering. Let's take a look here.

Video presentation:


Technology Partners - Depuporc
Riggs: [speaking Spanish]
Translation: "Dear friends and colleagues, it is a great honor for me to speak with you on this memorable day. Three years ago you made us a promise that you would implement our technology into your complete system for the treatment of manure."


Depuporc pilot manure treatment plant in Huesca SpainDepuporc pilot plant in Huesca, Spain


Riggs: [commentary In English]  

About three years ago, Depuporc went to research the treatment of hog manure, and they came upon our technology, reached out and we've negotiated with them a license. Now, three years later, they've built a working commercial system, it's proven and it's working amazingly well.


Eduardo Chopo Coowner of DepuporcEduardo Chopo Fraguas of Depuporc

Eduardo Chopo
: [speaking Spanish]
Translation: OriginClear technologies was the support that we needed to bring to fruition our 20 years of work. The participation of OriginClear was very important to the success of our startup pilot plant. OriginClear's technology has simplified the most complex part of our system. Our reaction has been: "Wow, this is incredible!"

We can take manure, separate it into solids, that can be used for composting and clean water safe for irrigation. Our association with OriginClear was like making the winning final goal in a game of soccer.


Riggs with Depuporc crewSome of the Depuporc team with CEO OriginClear

Riggs: [speaking Spanish]
Translation: I believe that together we will make significant changes in the livestock farming industry. We can change a real problem to a solution that eliminates waste, and also contamination of long-lasting manure lagoons. Thank you very much again to you, and may we have much success together in the future.  

End of video presentation


California Opportunities?

Riggs: So that was just a little bit of eye candy. And I really want to thank everyone for having to come on board. Mr. Mark: "Are their any opportunities in California?" Yes. Very definitely. The waterpreneur program is not a franchise program. It's called a business opportunity, meaning that you get your equipment, you get your training and we show you how to do it. Obviously we're not going to overload a particular area with entrepreneurs, but you can go anywhere you want. And yes, there are very definitely opportunities in California. We don't have anyone yet there on the ground, so let's make it happen for sure.


Thank You!

Well, everyone again, it's been wonderful. I'm going to wrap it up now. Thank you to Arte Maren, who is the amazing boss, and Ivan, the amazing founder, of Philanthroinvestors. Thanks to you both. I appreciate it. And we'll see you again next week.





I do have to quickly show you a disclaimer page before I close or else some horrible stuff will happen to me, but let me just quickly do this. Be sure to join us next week. An offering statement has been filed with the SEC. To see the offering circular, go to oc.gold/offering. oc.gold/offering. I realize that this is a little fuzzy because I'm in video mode, but hopefully you understood what I'm talking about. Thank you very much again, and everyone have a great weekend and I'll see you next week.

Thank You!

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