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Water Company 2.0 — The Rocket is Launching!

Sep 25, 2021 12:09:17 AM

We premiered the video of the amazing Pondster™...with the first-hand report from the client it's mind blowing!!!  What's the powerful tech driving its effectiveness?  We also got a direct look at the secret behind OriginClear Tech's unique quality of work and products… See how Water Company 2.0 really IS emerging!



Transcript from recording


Riggs Eckelberry

Good evening everyone, and welcome to the weekly Zoom CEO briefing. It's become quite an institution for us, and we put a lot of time and energy behind making it fun, exciting, and fact filled. And I think this was especially going to be a good one. So, without further ado, while people are arriving... I think we've conditioned people to be accustomed to an LA style. Like, "Yeah, we're on time. We're kind of on time." But we're now tightened that up because it's never a good thing to be late.



Water is the new gold. I've put the coin for dollar H2O, the coin design that was made from a very fine artist that Devon commissioned.  Aqua aurum novem est. That's my school boy Latin for Water is the New Gold. So there you go. "Helping you thrive in the world's ONLY vital, scarce and recession proof market." At some point, somebody from  like Oxford is going to tell me that that was the wrong translation. But, I'm sticking with it.

Safe harbor


And as usual, I remember that we do our very best to tell you what's coming. But it may not come out as we said, but we will always try to correct it and to tell you exactly what is going on at the time that it is that we know. We'll tell you exactly what we know, and we'll correct it as fast as we can.

Billion Success


Latest Press

Okay. So, we got some press. I remember how a couple, I think three weeks ago, we interviewed Lais Pontus Greene, who is our new PR agency. And she's been hard at work. I remember how she got us in Authority Magazine. Actually, that was done by the previous agency. And then she got us into Popular Science, which is cool. And then now, here we are in Billion Success, and this is... I remember that tie, I still have it!


So, this is one of those bio things. And so, it tells us a little bit about the background and how we started as origin oil, meaning algae, the original oil. And that was a lot of fun. It was very exciting. And then, 2014, there was a big crash in the price of crude oil. And it all just went south. And algae became a science experiment. And we didn't want to have a public company doing science experiments. So, we ended up in the water industry.


Skills and Team

Okay. And, skills for successful entrepreneur, persistence, adaptability. But adapt environment to yourself, not the other way around, very important. And finally, build a strong team. This is one of the things that I'm very grateful for today. People like Ken Berenger, like Tom Marchesello, other people, or the PhilanthroInvestor® network that supports us, great, great team.


The Water Rocket

And you know what? I wanted to talk this a little bit about this because we have our water rocket as I call it. And that is, the first layer or stage is our build to order business, which took off as you saw, we took that big $5 million order and we're just... They're rocketing over there.

And then the second layer is the Modular Water System in a Box™, which can be... The good thing about this is they can be manufactured in volume. And in fact, we have a distribution opportunity for this product, what we call BroncBoost™, which is a booster pump. And, there's a distribution company who wants to take it and offer it as part of that line. And this is exactly gets us out of the custom building system and into product distribution, which is obviously where the money is.


Water Company 2.0

And then finally is this Water on Demand™ thing, which basically, water by subscription, and you pay as you for usage. And it takes it from selling to blessing. You're blessing our customers with a complete solution. That of course is something we've been working on very hard. And there is funding arriving as I speak for that activity.

Fourth is the cryptocurrency side, which we'll talk, we'll discuss a bit further to eventually end up with a world marketplace for water. So all together, this is Water Company 2.0. This is what it is.

Billion success 5

OriginClear's Positioning

All right. Well, our focus really is not the big central water systems which are owned basically by people like Veolia, Evoqua, American Waterworks. Not only they own... It's like how Pharmas own the FDA. I mean, they own the big municipalities and you can't step in. Although it's interesting that we did manage to do so with that $5 million contract, which is a very big municipality. But, it's not easy. And besides which, the growth is in these decentralized smaller systems at the rim, that where the water's being made dirty.

It's logical to not send the water over to the central system, all that pipe, when you can just treat it on site. And so, that's really what is our positioning is, to work with these smaller ones, which means you have to have modular solutions. You need to have outsourced water treatment because these people are not water experts. They're not in a water business. And finally, you got to solve capital for them. So that's our positioning. And finally, this water coin.

Billion success 6


Top Three Mistakes

Okay. Top three mistakes. Okay. Doing it by myself, big mistake, common mistake. Also, not having the funds to do it. And I'm very, very grateful that we've got the support that we have because I had that experience in the eighties being under capitalized, not fun. And, marketing process. Well, of course, we're looking at one of the big things we do, which is the Zoom thing we do. And also the Facebook marketing. And things I wish I knew before starting, keep it simple stupid, kiss principle.

Billion Success 8



And I've got a few recommendations about books, great book called Inside the Tornado, The Sharkpreneuer Podcast, Kevin Harrington, Seth Greene, which I appeared on in 2020. And of course, my good friend, Manuel Suarez, an investor in the company and the Facebook ninja. He did wonderful things for us in the first half of 2020, really put us into the Facebook business.

Okay. If you only had $1,000 to start a new business, knowing everything you know now, how would you spend it? (I'm going to turn off this printer.  Somebody's printing away, and it's a bit noisy.)

So, I'm not going to get into spending $1000. There's a couple different choices. And then, what do I consider my favorite quote? Well, in French, it's  (speaks French). "There's only one true luxury, and it is human relations."

And finally here, best piece of advice, don't think, just do. At the Caltech Commencement, Elon Musk spoke, and he said, "It's very easy to do a PowerPoint, harder to build a car." So build a car. And that's what we're doing.

Okay. Now we have... Tuesday, we made a crypto announcement that... Anyway, I just want to say that I'm grateful to the Pontes Group for that great article, good interview, and some good material was covered.


PR image 1


Crypto Announcement

So Tuesday here, we had the Baja Technologies, Inc., which has development center in Cordoba, Argentina, which is a major tech center. And they are very strong, and they were recommended to me by Manhattan Street Capital.

And so I went ahead and engaged them. And were very pleased they've taken some of their fee in stock, which is always... We like that. We like that when people are willing to do that. And they're building the white paper. I'm not going to get into this because I'm about to talk about that in this video that I'm going to replay.


PR image 3


But basically utility token rewards holders for alerting community to water situations and for elected delegates to make proposals, and then manage these proposals, put them out the bid, and then the funding is on the other side. Compensation for the participants is envisioned with a transactional tax all to be worked out. That's part of the white paper.



Timetable and Resources

So, Baja Technologies is currently developing the white paper. And just to show you what their timetable is, I've put that against the calendar. So here we have the white paper's now on progress. And it looks like around the 1st of October, we could see a white paper. These are approximate dates. Remember that you have to pad dates and development always, but I'm just throwing out these rough dates.

Creating the token on November, and parallel website development, clearaqua.org. And then, the resources, we're going to have a telegram, channel, all these wonderful things. The resources are things like handouts and one pagers and materials of various kinds, logos. You name it. And finally, we get to the launch, which we believe will be by the end of the year. So, we're realistically on track to get this thing done.

Now, remember that if a tree falls in the forest and there was nobody there to hear it, did the tree fall? And in marketing, no, it did not. Marketers know that if that nobody heard the tree fall, then the tree did not fall. So it's very important that we have marketing in parallel.

We have hired a marketing agency called Digital Niche Agency, DNA, and they are... We just hired them for a dual strategy. One strategy is for the crowd funding on the Manhattan Street Capital portal. And the other is for the crypto launch. They happen to be have capabilities in both areas. They're very strong. So, more to follow on that.



All right. So with that, I'm going to go to a series of videos. For starters, I thought that I would restart. I would once again show you quickly, because some of you may have not seen this video. I think it tells the story very, very well. So here it is, ClearAqua™.

Start of video presentation


Riiggs - crypto has no boundaries 1280


Riggs: At the end of the day, water is what we care about, all of us. We better care about it because without water, three days later, you're dead. A lot of water is dirty, creating illnesses, viruses, long-term chronic illness, you name it. So we need to be, all of us, working in water, not just a select few and many, many people feel that way. I get constant emails from people saying, "What can you do about water? How can you do things for Flint, Michigan," and all these things, right?


Flint MI


That is the mission of all of us is to do something about water. Well, we've come up with an idea to involve everybody and to empower everybody. And it uses this cool new thing called cryptocurrency.



Why cryptocurrency? Because crypto has no boundaries.


crypto network image 1

If you have a cryptocurrency network, a grandmother in Korea could have an effect on a mobile home park in Alabama, no boundaries, frictionless, and it really means that everyone could get involved. So what are we talking about here?


clearaqua image


Community Coin and Crypto Network

We are looking at a basic community coin, a water coin that we've called ClearAqua. People like you and me will notice problems and go, "Wow, we've got to do something about that trailer park in Alabama." Right? Let's do something about that.

Clear Aqua is a representative democracy. You don't want the entire planet to be speaking, kind of overwhelming the system. So there's a very good way that certain very successful cryptos have already adopted, which is a delegate system.


ClearAqua Delegates


These are called delegates or witnesses and what these people do is just like the US Congress or the British parliament. These people represent the membership. And now these delegates, these, what we call witnesses, take these concerns and work with the governing body to create proposals.


$H2O Investment coin


Now, at the same time, you need the money. So where does the money come from? There's a second coin we call $H2O. Now that coin is a purely investment coin.


ClearAqua projects

Accredited investors, meaning people who meet a certain threshold of wealth, invest in this coin, that then gets put into these water projects that get delivered.


Investors return


These water projects make money and they return dividends to the same investors in the form of a coin that is really pure money. It is an investment grade token and that's the other side of it.

Governing body - trustee


Two Token Universe

So we have a two token universe. So on one hand the Water Coin for the world. Everybody plays with ClearAqua and it's a consensus coin and it lets people do something about the state of the water in the world and then on the other side, the capital for it, which is really unlimited and in the middle of it, you have the governing body, which is a trustee to make sure it's all done right.


Best technology


Now this governing body is an interesting thing. It is there to be the trustee for all these projects and it also licenses some of the best technology so that it can, in turn, make it available for the use of many water companies. So it's not just one water company that's got the dominant thing. Remember, we're talking about the entire planet here.


ClearAqua™ label 1280-1


There is no way that one company or even 20 is going to change a trillion dollar water industry in any meaningful way, unless we widely spread the burden, the help, the resources, the investment, so all these things add up to where we're dramatically improving the state of the water by helping businesses cut the cord in doing their own water treatment. I strongly believe in this, many, many people do and I'd like you to join us too. Thank you.

End of video presentation


Great People Helping

I want to recap a little bit what the story is about and move on to the next story. The crypto thing is something, again that is happening entirely in my office. It isn't something that is going on all over the company. We don't want that to happen. People are bit, crazy busy trying to cope with dramatically increasing business. So, I'm handling this entirely by myself.

Fortunately, I have some very good people helping me who are external agencies, and that is being funded by your investment. So this is really, really important, what you're doing here. You're enabling us to have a virtual organization that is many times larger than the actual personnel here. That's the gig industry, isn't it? It's also the only way to survive.

Alabama MHP
So the Troy Alabama Mobile Home Park, now this is a little bit fuzzy. The reason is we're about to go straight into another video. So, here it is.


Alabama MHP 1280


Start of video presentation


Dan Early at Alabama MHP


Dan: We are onsite at the mobile home park and we are installing the Pondster™ 30K biofilm bioreactor system as part of an upgrade to the lagoon treatment system that's been in service here for over 50 years.


MHP sewage lagoon


This is a classic example of what decentralized wastewater utilities looked like 50 years ago. Not much has changed. If you don't have access to public sewer, you have to provide your own onsite wastewater treatment prior to disposing of your wastewater.


Riggs MHP presentation

Riggs: Back in 2020, while we were working on rolling out the Modular Water Systems™ product line, our good friends told us that they had a problem with their mobile home park in Alabama. What's weird, we found out is that all through the south, trailer parks have very crude sanitation. Basically, all the poop goes into a pond and that's it. It just sits in a pond. If you've ever driven by one of these trailer parks in the south, and you'll see there's a green pond over there, that's what it is.

Dan: The lagoon system is a passive treatment system, has been in operation for about 50 years. Recently, the State of Alabama has imposed certain improvements and permit requirements.

EPA Alabama


Riggs: The Departments of Environmental Protection in Alabama and elsewhere are trying to upgrade everything, and they're requiring landlords to do something about it.

Michael Smith MHP manager


Park Manager:  In 1970, this park was built and the lagoon system was part of it. Over the last four years, it's been real difficult for me to maintain the proper discharge and ist tested once a month. They test for E. Coli. They test for any oxygen levels. They test for any bacteria buildup. The last few years, we have not been able to meet the demands of ADEM, Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

Riggs: So they were going to have to build something themselves. This is what I mean by forced decentralization. More and more businesses are being forced to do their own treatment because the central infrastructure is totally overwhelmed in this country and elsewhere. So, they needed a solution and it so happened that our brilliant Dan Early, the chief engineer, has a great technology.

ceramic biofilm component


Dan: A porous, low-temperature fired, highly porous ceramic. It can hold 80% of its volume in water.

Riggs: Think about putting a coral reef in all these surfaces, and the dirty water comes through and the bacteria just eats it away.


Pondster ceramic sq ft


Dan: So if you had a 12-inch, by 12-inch, by 12-inch cube of this material, which is very lightweight, it would have an effective surface area of 900,000 square feet per cubic foot.


Pondster lagoonside 2


Riggs: This product is called the Pondster™, Pond Monster. Over time, you just park it by the side of the pond and run a tube through. Over a period of weeks or months, the pond just becomes clear.

Sewage Lagoon Before-After

The Pondster system, the treatment methodologies and the treatment capabilities that we are promoting, these are going to be next-generation technologies that are going to allow us to deliver much more cost effective treatment solutions and equipment packages to those decentralized customers that need it.


Tom M re MHP
Tom: You don't need to wait around with wastewater, just sitting there hoping nature will treat it. Instead, you put a machine there. You put a machine there and you suck the bad water out, and you treat it. You reduce the load of bacterias and contamination in the water, and then you can release good water back to be recycled.

Dan: The decentralized world is the future, when it comes to wastewater. The large, centralized, municipal public utilities, they are committed to the path that they started down a hundred years ago.


Dan 3 things


When you get into regions where they don't have public sewer, but there is a need for a wastewater utility, the decentralization offers us this opportunity to deliver these technologies so that you can accomplish the three things that are most important to decentralize wastewater. First off is affordability. Second thing is sustainability, and the third thing is durability.


CAFO arial


Riggs: I can't wait to showcase this for the rest of the mobile home park industry. Then looking at really heavy pollution, you're looking at animal farms. So, it's becoming a really interesting product of Modular Water Systems.

Dan: When you commit to a decentralized wastewater utility system, you don't want to be thinking five or 10 years. You need to be thinking 50 years, 75 years, 100 years. That is the vision and the mission that we have with the Modular Water Systems Program and products like the Pondster 30K system.

End of video presentation


Interview with Property Owner

Riggs: Next is an interview with one of the owners of the property. This was on the phone. 

Claudia phone interview

Hi, this is Riggs Eckelberry. I'm speaking with Claudia, who is one of the group that owns a mobile home park in Troy, Alabama, which OriginClear has recently assisted. Claudia, how are you today?

Claudia: I'm doing well, thank you. What about you?

Riggs: Well, I'm loving with what happened. Last night, I saw the eight-day before and after on the pond and it was ridiculous. Did you see that?


Sewage Lagoon Before-After


Claudia: Amazing, just amazing. The change in just eight days is tremendous.

Riggs: Very, very excited.

Claudia: We did not anticipate changes. As we were told between 30 and 60 and just to see what happened in eight days, we are extremely excited.

Riggs: Yes. I think Dan really outdid himself. And it's a great sign. What happened that you needed this system... This curative for your lagoon?




Claudia: We were not meeting the standards, for this charging water according to the ADM entity that covers the water regulations in the State of Alabama. The lagoon is allowed to discharge as long as it meets certain bacteria reduction levels. And we were not meeting that so we could not discharge.

Riggs: So. From what I understand, you pretty much found yourself stranded by not being inside the city limits and really not having a municipality to send a sewage to?

Claudia: Correct. The only solution was to treat so that we could reach the discharging level.

Riggs: I get it. And then now as the lagoon gets cleaned and then fills up, you just discharge into the groundwater, what happens now?

Claudia: There is a water runoff that has been there for years since the park was started. And that's where the water or the lagoon discharges to.

Riggs: Fantastic. So what we're basically talking about here is achieving a safe level of water quality, and then being able to just let it go into the environment?

Claudia: Correct.


Pondster arial drone shot

Arial drone photo of Pondster's bioreactor in operation.


Riggs: Fantastic. Tell me what attracted you to the solution that Modular Water Systems came up with?

Claudia: Well, one that it said that it could handle the issue that we were having, and I don't have the particular chemistry reports with me, but I know that it has to do with the bacteriology levels not being  to be reduced with other products that we had inquired about. They had search for solutions, and they really had not come up with something that quite achieved what we needed to achieve in order to discharge. Until I approached you and we were able to clear that this program or this equipment could actually do what we needed to do in order to discharge.

Riggs: Wow. Do you think this is a problem that exists with other mobile home parks in the south?

Claudia: I know for a fact that it does. Based on the information that we have gotten from the engineers that we work with.

Riggs: That's amazing. Well, it's really interesting because literally this is the very first of what we call Pondster, pond monster as it was named by Tom Marchesello. And it's interesting because it's so good, it's even blowing our minds as to how well it's doing. So I'm super happy that it's exceeding expectations. Do you think that the future owners will be happy?

Claudia: Absolutely. We're eight days into the project. We have 60 days to make sure that the water exceeds or meets the regulations that are there for discharging. Then we test. And once that test is done, the association, ADM will be able to remove the sanction that they have and also moves into water that is not going to be one, smelling, two, it's not going to have as much duckweed as this one had. And because over time there's just one of the issues that comes with the lagoons is that weather, it's just duckweed becomes a major issue because it clogs some of the systems that are out there to operate.

Riggs: Wow. Yeah, of course your pump station and all your systems get messed up right?

Claudia: Right.

Riggs: That's amazing. Well, what's going to happen, of course is now people are going to have a Lakeside view.

Claudia: That's right. So if I could just give you an analogy as to how our experience has been over the last 8 days, imagine a soaking kitchen pan that was very oily and you have it with water. And all of a sudden you drop three drops of dish detergent and it starts bubbling and all of a sudden starts separating the grease. That's how it looks like on the surface from the duckweed. We cannot tell you anything about the bacteriology levels and where they are right now, because they haven't tested, but visually, just the duckweed removal is something amazing.

Riggs: Well, I guess it's because the nutrients are being removed and the duckweed just can't live without nutrients. I guess this what's going on.

Claudia: I guess.

Riggs: I'm guessing. Not being an engineer, but, so listen, I know that it took a while to get this thing done. What did you think of overall the process of how you were serviced by Dan Early and the team?


Dan and workmen


Claudia: The process was very helpful, informative, and they walked us step-by-step as to what was going to happen. We didn't have funding ready. So that took a while on both sides because it wasn't until the funding was ready that we could start building, but it was definitely very hands-on as far as orienting and guiding and letting us know what would happen. So, that was great.

Riggs: Wow. That's fantastic. Well, let me ask you a question. I'm not sure what you feel about this, but we're putting together a program where people will be able to just sign a contract and pay, for usage and not have to pay for the machine, not have to do the funding. Would that have, if that had been in place, would that have been attractive to you or did you really want us to own the unit?

Claudia: Absolutely. I mean, I would think that for many people just knowing that there is something out there that could be rented and you can get out the solution right away. Not only this to give you the satisfaction of you're going to know whether it works or not right at the beginning, you have to come up with a big investment right up front, but  also it would allow you to... Maybe you don't have the money upfront, but then you realize that it's a solution and you don't want to continue to rent. And you can always, then at that point, purchase a finite, I mean, finance a purchase.

Riggs: Yes. And of course the fact that you're paying only for water, that's been cleaned means that it had better produce otherwise they have to pay. 

Claudia: Exactly. It will be a big insurance, right at the beginning because it's not a product that is well known out there, otherwise this issue wouldn't exist.

Riggs:  Well, we hope to change that. And I really appreciate you being a first, a pioneer of this new technology, which uses this amazing sort of microscopic ceramic. I don't know the details of it but apparently it's quite sophisticated. So you're the first, hopefully of many so thank you for your commitment and courage. And we're so happy to have you on board as a client.

Claudia: Thank you.

End of phone interview


Start of video presentation

Tom and Riggs


Riggs: And finally, we have Tom Marchesello, COO OriginClear, and we have got a big win in Troy Alabama with a mobile home park that is killing it from what we see on these photos. Boom.


Worthy Technology

Now, apparently from what we understand, we really stumbled upon a real need because the owners of this mobile home park didn't know what to do about their problem. They're outside of the city limits. So it would have been this long  connection problem and that wouldn't have worked. And there were not many treatment opportunities.


EWS sludge


This reminds me a lot of what our previous technology, the "Electro Water Separation" clarifying using electricity. But this seems like a really worthy successor. Something that really could it's efficient, it's a biological, it doesn't use a lot of energy and it seems to be just been a great job.


High Standards

Tom: Yeah, it's really awesome. I tell you what, we're very fortunate to have such talented people on our team like Dan Early and the team that created this amazing device, which we affectionately call the Pondster. It really fixes these small pond and lagoon commercial sites such as the one here at this trailer park and makes that water much more clean-fresh.

Riggs: Right. So the goal here is to take the pond from basically raw sewage, with a bunch of duckweed, to something that can go literally into the environment. It can just be sent into the groundwater, right? For that we need very high standards. I mean, it can't be done with high bacteria level water. So we have 30 to 60 days, but already it looks like in eight days or so we've done a good job. So what do you think we're going from here in terms of the marketing of this? What markets do you think we're going to enter with this?



Tom: Absolutely. Yeah, this is a really cornerstone piece of equipment because we see it being essential for a couple of different real estate oriented markets. So trailer parks, mobile homes, campground environments, as well as real estate features for like HOA developments and developers that have water features onsite. And then of course, we even have an application for the agricultural industry, for animal farms and other stuff. People that basically use open pit lagoons and ponds often to house some form of wastewater. And this gives it an opportunity to clean that water and make it appropriate for discharge or for reuse.

Riggs: And in a way  for manure, or it's an effluent, it's a pre-treatment stage for perhaps later doing what they're doing for our project in Spain there, where they're separating it onto the manure for fertilizer and then clean water. This would be a sanitizing stage, I guess you could say.

Tom: Yeah. It actually takes what we were doing with the old, pick newer process, which was done in two steps and actually does it in one step instead in a singular machine box step, and at a greatly reduced cost with a lot less moving parts.


Timing is Excellent

Riggs: That is really great. So obviously there's, in terms of market size, there are thousands of mobile home parks, mostly south of the Mason-Dixon line, which are non-compliant and the local state departments of environmental quality or various different names are jumping all over this. They want to fix this problem and the landlords are in a tough spot. So this could be an interesting opportunity.

Tom: Yeah, I think you nailed it. Like there's so much need from the commercial market, the owners of the properties to improve their wastewater situations. And then regulation stepped on top of it. Where over the years they kind of had to have to fix it now and now that moment is now. So now they have no choice, but to fix it. And so solutions like this are really, really needed. And so our timing is excellent in the terms of, we have an application that's actually going to work, it's cost effective. It works pretty quick. And it's really going to help a lot of owners out.


Standardized Product Lines

Riggs: Well, this is extremely exciting. Thanks for the hard work on this. And I know Dan been spent many hours doing it. It's unusual for us because we don't normally do work directly with clients, but we're doing that more and more as we move into the decentralized sites. And I think it's a good practice run for doing more direct marketing from corporate of these highly standardized product lines. Congratulations on our first good pilot and let's rock and roll.

Tom: Thank you. It's exciting. We're looking forward to the before and after photos. I think, those are pretty exciting. You saw a little pre lead the other day, we're going to keep sharing that as we have more images of what it looks like at week this, and week that, and we'll see how the pond changes as well as the actual water table, calculations as we measure the water quality.

And it's pretty exciting actually to see the difference you can actually visually see it, which is very noticeable. I think people are hungry for that kind of like tangibility when they see the water change.

Riggs: Well, I'm Looking forward to seeing a diving raft out in the middle. Some People swimming out to it and Woohoo, Maybe Not quite that much, but certainly it's, it's going to be a huge step forward. Well done and carry on.

Tom: Cool, thanks have good day

End of video presentation

: Right on. That is our reportage on the Pondster implementation. This is a killer product because it's got this amazing ceramic that is actually a trade secret of ours. And it has just the capabilities, as Dan pointed out 900,000 square feet in a 12 inch cube, 12 inches by 12 inches. Right? That is why it's so powerful and also why it can be priced so profitably because really what it is, it's a pump system that sends the water through this, this essentially coral reef you might say, right, but it's artificial. It's synthetic, Ken Berenger just says the park can charge for a pool membership.


Total Outsourced Water

All right. We're not done. We have a quick report from Dan early that he sent in on how we're doing with total outsourced water. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to go back into share mode, but without the optimization of video so that it won't be blurry. So let me just turn me just click that on. Here we go. So as you know, we are doing really, really well with our design and build activities.



We got list three times increase and so forth and so on, but what we're trying to move into that's D and B D-B design and build, we want to move into D B O, which is Operate and the final O which is Own right. And so the own part is we have to have capital, but the operate part is where you're able to do the remote management. And that requires capabilities, but does not require as much capital.


Dans update 1


MHP in Alabama

So let's take a look at what Dan's up to. So let's see, here we go. The MHP park site installation completed project and post commissioning phase plug and play delivery performance testing. Okay. We know about that.


Dan 2


MHP in Pennsylvaina

 There's also have MHP and customer in Pennsylvania. That is rock and rolling there. We have wow, PO for equipment by October 1st. So we're moving, that's also a 10 K membrane bar reactor, which is exactly the same thing. It's the basis of design, in other words, they approved our design, a competitor can't come in with a different design because it's not approved.  We are the basis for it.

10,000 gallons per day it's not a heck of a lot, but remember that the continuous flow over time is what cleans the pond, right? It's just the same pond being cleaned again and again. So 10 K does a fine job. That's moving along nicely. That'll be a second trailer park. And hopefully, as I say, by the end of the month, we'll have that.

Other Projects (Update 3-6)

We have a craft brewing customer that we've been working on. That's continuing same thing with the RV park. We have the Agri-customer, cam ground prospect. The engineer of record the consultant working for the owner, they wanted design and build possibly DBO where we operate it remotely. And it looks like we're moving along, submitted to state regulatory agency in three weeks. This might get signed by the end of the year, perhaps looks like existing residential wastewater treatment.


Dan 7


Classic Forced Decentralization

Now this is McKinney Texas near where our headquarters are and the homeowner's association and board toured the facility. And this is the classic decentralization we've been talking about or an entire housing subdivision managed by one homeowner's association can no longer rely on the central facility and they got to have their own.

And so they are building their own decentralized system, which is going to save a lot of money. And also potentially it doesn't matter so much in Texas, but they get to recycle their water if they want to.

Project delivery, that's down the road, but the POS next week, so that they get to hold their position. And this is very important right now because there's so much business at PWT, told you the other day that we have 28 projects in house, that people are they're dropping in the POs so that they're in line to get things done. And they're also looking for a DBO.


Dan 8


This is a partner here, a Texas-based consulting firm doing decentralized water treatment. And that states that demand for decentralized water and sewer are greater than local. They state, the consulting firm states that the demand is greater than local resources can supply. So there's a national over or rather under supply of decentralized water knowledge.  And that's where I think we have a very powerful potential.


Call Ken


Call Ken

So, that gets us to the participating in our future part. And the gentleman who just made a crack of about the park charging for pool membership is also the guy who really knows quite a bit about what's going on. He has the full picture. I'm not going to get into it,.



We've spent a lot of time today showing you what is developing, but I can tell you something. I am so pleased with the incredible quality of the work. This Pondster is elegant, inexpensive, it's powerful, it's protected by trade secrets and patents that we've licensed for a very long time. And we're going to radiate outwards, for example, we're going to start proposing it to our partners, such as in Spain, as an upgrade from the Electro Water Separation that they have, because we think it's going to be much, much more efficient.

Thank you



So be sure there's a survey at the end. We read every single survey, tell us what you think. And next week we will actually have done early on again. And we'll have more incredible news as we move towards the end of the quarter. And I think it's going to be, I think our quarterly filing in November 15th, 45 days after which everybody tells me is going to be on time, is going to have some killer numbers. I have so much else to tell you, we have a Regulation A offering for unaccredited investors that is, I expect to see the first draft of that on Monday will tell you all about that next week.


So don't please do not be a stranger. It's going to be a lot of fun. And again, thank you to the whole team. Ken Berenger, Devin Angus, Larry Judge on the front end who are making sure that, that we're really keeping things funded and our incredible investors with Ivan Anz and Arte Maren, and Vendy Rios, the whole PhilanthroInvestors team is just amazing extending us out into 14 countries.

And then of course, the operations team from Tom Marchesello, Dan Early Chief Engineer, Marc Stevens as President of Progressive Water and Mike Jenkins is President of sales and onward, amazing team. I'm so proud of y'all. Thank you for coming here tonight. It's been great. I'm glad you all stuck around. Join me next week. It's going to be amazing. Thank you.

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