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Water Is The New Gold: Our Greatest 4th Quarter Ever?

Oct 10, 2020 5:44:26 AM

Insider Briefing of 8 October 2020

Helping you thrive in the world’s ONLY vital, scarce and recession-proof market

Our amazing COO Tom Marchesello wowed us with his report on the team's already incredible year...accelerating even faster! What's driving it? And Dan Early gave us proof positive — What he predicted, has arrived...Now Pool Preserver has nearly 1 MILLION views! Find out the results and more in this briefing.




Transcript from recording:


WITNG Title slide


Riggs Eckelberry:

All right, everyone. "Water Is The New Gold." But it's the October the 8th, briefing number 82. We're creeping up on two years of these briefings. And they're fun, we have a lot of fun with them.





I was telling somebody on the radio that we are the most transparent public company anywhere. We show POs on the air. We bring on people to discuss stuff and I think it's a good thing. More companies should do that, they'd be better off.



Important Notice

So our safe harbor statement is, just says that, "We may contain forward looking statements that may or may not be right in the end, but they are definitely our current expectations."

Hell and Back Show

Hell and Back Show

All right, here is a little show I was on yesterday, which you may enjoy. It's just a few minutes long. 

Video presentation

Blanca: Welcome to "Hell and Back" where I interview individuals of all different backgrounds, about their stories of success and failure and challenges, to inspire us to keep on going. Let's welcome Chairman and CEO of OriginClear, Riggs Eckelberry. How are you Riggs?

Riggs: Blanca, it's a great pleasure. Thank you.

Blanca: Well, I understand that you are a founder of the OriginClear company. Is that right?

Riggs: Yes. We're the 10-year overnight success.

People's Health

Blanca: So tell us about the mission of your company, what does OriginClear do?

Riggs: Well, really our mission is to try to transform the water industry because, really only 20% of the sewage in the world is treated, which is a scandal really. And the water industry is pretty complacent about it. We are trying to disrupt that and really make a change and it directly affects people's health.

Blanca: And how does it affect us on a daily basis?

Riggs: Well, I mean if you look at the big numbers, 2.6 billion people in the world don't have access to safe water. Water kills more people than war, every year. But looking closer to home, things like septic tanks. 26 million septic tanks in the country create hundreds of thousands of viral infections, and we don't like viruses these days. And by the way, the water you get in your tap, it won't kill you immediately. But over time, a lot of the small particles in that water are going to do something to you. And we've seen that with Flint and other places.


Laws of Water

Blanca: So what are some laws of water you could share with us to help us protect our health

Riggs: Well, the really interesting thing about water is that it is, rapidly decentralizing. By that I mean that, nobody's paying for infrastructure because we... I guess we can't make up our minds in Washington what to do. Not going to go down that road, but the bottom line is, there's no money is being put into a water infrastructure. And we're now almost a trillion dollars in unspent money, which means that more and more people have to take care of themselves. Now, you don't see that so much in the home, but you see that in businesses, industry, agriculture. A brewery all of a sudden, has to build its own water treatment system because the municipality says, "Sorry, can't take it." This is good news, because now we have control of water treatment, right at the point of use. There's good things coming out of that.

Opportunity for COVID-Hit Entrepreneurs

Blanca: And I understand that your company OriginClear even has a business opportunity for our listeners and viewers here at the True Oldies, 95.9 FM. Tell us about that.

Riggs: Blanca, what we did this year is we realized things had to change fast and it's all very well to try and boom your company, but the water companies don't grow fast. But what about if we financed a bunch of water equipment deals for entrepreneurs, of whom a 100,000 have been orphaned by COVID. Right? And put them to work with small water companies. And that's what we're doing, we've had a successful pilot, which is on our website. The video already had a million views on Facebook. Super exciting.

Blanca: Wow. That is incredible, what an opportunity. Could you tell our viewers and listeners, the website in case they're interested in learning more?

Riggs: Our viewers should go to originclear.com. I do a weekly CEO briefing Thursday nights, 8:00 PM Eastern. Just click on, there's right there, sign up. And we are the most transparent public company in America, we will tell you. I show POs, I interview people on the fly. It's a lot of fun.

Blanca: That is amazing. I'm really excited to learn more about your company, OriginClear, and this business opportunity is just unbelievable. Because there are so many people out there that have lost their jobs, that have to make job transitions. So this could be a really unique opportunity for them. So thank you for sharing that. Last but not least, if you could share just one message with everyone out there listening, about your company. What would that be?



Riggs: I think that the lesson learned is, you never have to fail. The company originally started, strangely enough, creating algae for biofuels, when oil was at $120 a barrel. Then it was no longer, it was at $30 a barrel, and algae became a science experiment. And we had to pivot or die. Well, we found a way to move into the water industry and we reinvented ourselves as we've done a dozen times since. So reinvention is the word of the day, never failure.

Blanca: When you got to that point, was it literally a make it or break it pivot? In other words that change in the industry caused a total loss of income, necessitating that pivot. How bad was it?

Riggs: Well, I can tell you that major companies that were on the NASDAQ already, just shut down. They just said, "That's it we're done." And they went away. Whereas for us, it was not an option. We had investors who had put a lot of their own personal money into it, and they cared. People invest in something like algae or water because they care about the environment and they're, "Riggs, you're going to make this go, aren't you?" "Yeah, I'll make it happen." And that sense of duty forced us to reinvent ourselves and not just go, "Well, I think I'll go sell an Amazon now." No, you stay on course, do it.


Fail Early — Fail Often

Blanca: So what do you believe are the influences in your life that gave you that pretty significant confidence to make such a substantial pivot?

Riggs: I think the biggest influence is the dot-com. I came up through the dot-com in the nineties and we learned that you can create a company so fast, and reinvent it. I remember creating a company for one particular client, we'd try to sell a product, then put up a whole website, Nah, nah  never mind. And he'd go, "Wait, you're creating a company and then throwing it away." And I look at him, "Yeah, that's what we do." Create the entirety of it, then say "Nah forget it." And that's the beauty of the digital age is that it doesn't have to be a brick-and-mortar. Right? Well, you can just create a story on the fly and if it works, go with it, if it doesn't redo it. "Fail early, fail often", we've been hearing that. Right?

Blanca: And as we close and because obviously everybody's going to want to learn more about you. You can go to originclear.com to learn more about the company, their business opportunities, if you're considering a change in profession or want to become an affiliate of their company, but last but not least after all the companies you've opened and being the CEO of OriginClear, what is your number one law of business?


Iterate — Try New Things

Riggs: My number one law of business is to continuously iterate, test, test, test, try new things. The people around me are accustomed to getting into these huddles like, "Okay, this is going on. How do we deal with it?" And reinvent constantly, do not stand still. This is the 21st century go with... just GO! Change.

Blanca: I love it. Well, it is a true honor to meet you, Riggs Eckelberry, chairman and CEO of OriginClear. To learn more, visit originclear.com. And we will have Riggs at our Laws of Life talk Webcast as well in the not too distant future. Thanks for being with us, Riggs.

Riggs: Thank you, Blanca.

Blanca: You're welcome.

End of presentation


20201008 4th quarter scoop

The Scoop

Riggs: All right. So now we're just going to jump back into the presentation and get to some of the juicy stuff that we've been waiting for. So without further ado, Tom Marchesello and Dan Early with the fourth quarter scoop. Yeah, baby. So Tom, last week you told me something. What did the president of Progressive water say about this quarter?

Tom: Well, obviously we just came off a pretty strong third quarter and that led us into what we were really excited about, which is a forward-looking expectation on our fourth quarter. Right now, at this moment in time, we're actually staring down the barrel of probably one of our best upcoming quarters ever in many, many years, definitely since OriginClear has been in the mix.



So we have a target on where we're looking at our sales pipeline and we know the range that we're going after. And right now we're really on track to nail it. I'll give you one teaser on it. So right now, at this moment in time, after completing three quarters in a row, we're sitting at the exact same place after we had completed four quarters.

Riggs: No.

Tom: Yeah.

Riggs: No, that is crazy.

Tom: So we've accelerated now into a new-

Riggs: Now that's not recognized revenue, that's cash.

Tom: That's correct. That's sales, that's pipeline, that's actual cash, booked POs and projects.


An Extra Quarter

So what that means is, I have an entire quarter left now, to now get ahead. And what's interesting is we ended up with a big stack in our pipeline, that's actually hitting about right now. So, as we've been telling people, we were kind of running at, I was getting us back to a consistent run rate of about a million a quarter, and then trying to move it past that mark and right now our big goal at this point is to try to get to about 1.5 million in this quarter.

Well, we've got an outside shot at 2 million, but a couple of big projects have got to come in now, but at least it's right there. We actually have bids on the street, in proposal, in people's hands. And they just got to say yes, and sign those POs. So yeah, that's a good spot to be in for us, right this minute.


Political Theory

Riggs: And Tom, you have a political theory about why things are speeding up.

Tom: Yeah. There's a couple of things that have been playing into it, right now we heard through the grapevine that people are a little concerned about the Trump, Biden election coming up because it could go either way. If Biden wins, he's already promised to put a big tax increase on corporations, which means it's going to tax their purchases. And so unfortunately people are like, "Wow I better get this order in right now and take advantage of the lower taxing right this minute, rather than wait and pay an extra who knows how much."

Or if Trump stays in, then at least we know more of the business is going to remain in the United States, which again, might put some pressure on the supply chain issue, which has been part of what's been happening to us. So either way people are trying to accelerate and hedge a little bit, which good for us, let the business come to us, we're happy to take it in Texas. So we love it.

Riggs: So we're basically feeding it on uncertainty, it's perfect. I love it.

Tom: It's interesting. At least you can be secure and buy that product from me right now. Come on down and put in your vote.

Riggs: Right on. Well, the fact is-

Tom: Pretty excited about it. Yeah.




News From Dan Early

Riggs: That's wonderful. Wonderful. Well, in fact, I have a specific piece of news that I promised. Here's a email from Dan Early. And let me just tell a backstory here. Dan came on board June 30th, 2018, and he's always had a very big following, and it was always, $20 million worth of potential business, but in the water industry, it's all about momentum. It's about the big ticket sale taking forever. And so it really took a long time, but this job, when did this job begin, Dan?

Dan: This, this job right here, the one that we just took a purchase order on earlier this week, it came into our pipeline. I would say about 60, maybe 75 days ago.

Riggs: That's stunning, less than 90 days. It's a beautiful ... now that's velocity. That's what I like about it. So the first part here is 51,700. I believe that's only phase one, but then phase two is another 325, which makes it a $400,000 a job.


20201008 Proposal

Services Agreement

And I've tried to anonymize everything. But in fact, what I'm going to do is I'm going to flip over to the actual professional services agreement. Give you guys a sense of what these things look like.  So what this is basically is your standard engineering services proposal. And this is a septage water treatment facility. What is septage, Dan?


A Decentralized Facility

Dan: So, the customer working for it, they're a pump and hall contractor. So you mentioned earlier in your radio interview about septic tanks being 26 million septic tanks. Well, those septic tanks have to be serviced. The rule of thumb is you leave on the surface, serve some at least once every three to five years. Well, when a pump and haul truck goes and services those tanks, they pump the contents out.

They have to take them somewhere to dispose of it. Most of the time, it goes to a publicly owned wastewater treatment facility. This particular customer is located in any region where they don't have, the travel distance from their customer base to the nearest approved discharge facility is an hour to an hour and a half away. And they have such a sizable customer base that they have decided to commit to building their own privately owned and managed decentralized, septage waste water treatment facility.


Design - Build - Delivery

So that's what this particular project is. This is a design - build - delivery. And this customer, they approached us because they did some online research. They came across a Progressive Water Treatment™ and the Modular Water Systems™ product lines. They made an inquiry to us, I had the opportunity to speak with them, to talk about what their particular needs were. And after an iterative process of working with them and trying to fine tune the scope of what they're trying to achieve, what we ended up with is what you see here. It is a multi-phase signed contract for us to provide specialized design services on the front end, and then to compliment it with the equipment delivery that we will manufacture down in McKinney. And we'll do that in phase two. So this is your quintessential design build delivery model. And that's what this represents.


20201008 MWS Proposal specs


Riggs: Yes. And of course septage is the nasty stuff in a septic tank that has to be pumped out once in a while, and that's what they do. And now this is their capability for doing it with a modular containerized unit. And so here is again, the proposal that basically gets into some of the ins and outs of what's going to happen. It's your usual stuff. I'm going to fast forward a little bit here. So this thing tells us this is 51,370 as I added it up. And as I say, that's, Oh, well, actually these two items are going to be in phase two. There'll be part of that 325, right?

Dan: No, no, no. What you see right there on that, those are all combined services that will be accomplished, well, the first three line items will be accomplished in the preliminary engineering, engineering and permitting phase. Then a balance of the construction, admin and assistance, those professional services will be provided during the construction phase.

Riggs: For sure.


20201008 Proposal back page


 So that was just signed. And that's what this thing looks like. Very proud of that. And you've got a fair amount of stuff in the pipeline.

Dan Early evangelizing single point of delivery


Single Point of Delivery

Dan: We do Riggs, Robb Litos, who is my counterpart heading up and managing the Modular Water Systems product lines. We are really starting to see serious, serious traction, serious momentum. So that pipeline continues to grow.

I do want to share this since we are talking about good news tonight, you've heard me preach and talk to the audience over the last year and a half, two years about this forward looking, the single point of delivery, total engineered solution capability. That is the Modular Water Systems product line.


Proof Positive

The proof that this works happened just last week, this was the week before. So last week on Tuesday of last week, we have an inquiry coming in for a pump station. Customer in Illinois needs a system. They want a single point of delivery. Everything. They do not want to go to a custom engineered solution. They don't want to work with consultants. They don't want to work with a variety of vendors.

They won't work with one entity to deliver the package. They found, they knew what we had. They came to us on Tuesday. By Friday, we had inked a purchase order for almost $90,000 for a single wastewater lift station for a commercial project, a real estate project. So that right there is proof positive of how this vision and this business model works.


More On Top Of More

Riggs: Well. And as you say, Tom, the reason why the things are multiplying is PWT was already doing roughly a million dollars a quarter forever. Dan's business is incremental on top of it, right? So just Dan and Rob, two people are bringing business that eventually could theoretically double it, but I'm not saying you have to double it this quarter, Dan, but next quarter... (laughs) 

And then of course, there's the stuff being driven by our promotional work at the corporate side, which we'll discuss in a minute, all that adds up to more on top of more. And eventually of course, these fleets of entrepreneurs that I keep talking about. So that's exciting.


Taxes Affect Purchasing

Before I go on, I want to just address some chat questions. Bob Roos wants to know, he thought you were saying that the corporations would be taxed on purchases. Of course they're taxed on profits, but if there are less profits, then they tend to tighten their belts and buy less.

So it's just like we always saw in the oil business, when the oil business crashed almost a decade ago they basically stopped all buying. And that's what happens when you don't have a lot of cash, you spend less. And so that's as simple as that. Taxes do take away from your available cash.


Water Independence?

And then Paul wants to know after they cleaned the effluent, can they sell the cleaned product to a local municipal water facility? Unfortunately, no, because municipal water facilities basically know they have a monopoly. So whatever you give them is what they'll take and you better be happy. But the good news is that this is a great way to locate a pump out system with full capabilities. Very exciting.

So James White wants to know how much does it cost to get opportunity? Not exactly sure what that question is.


Carbon Footprint

Oh yes. So Paul adds as we know in Paris, all new commercial buildings must be carbon neutral. How would OriginClears products fit into such a requirement likely under Biden? Carbon neutral. Very interesting. In fact, we have a case study on our website that Dan and I wrote, that show that decentralized water treatment is much better for carbon because you're not trying to transport all that sewage from one point to the next, for all the leakage and so forth. And, you know, there's open air treatment still. And in many, many municipalities, you see from the air, these big round circles, those things are actually open air aeration facilities.


Closed Loop Systems

The more you can do inside a closed loop system, the better and the greener it is. So we've shown that. And you're right, Paul, that it has not been the most high priority thing in this administration. Obviously, time will tell. I personally believe that the march of technology is going to make things cleaner and greener anyway.

And we saw that with the internet, government was like internet, what we invented it didn't we? So it kind of outraced government. And to this day, for example you don't get charged sales tax on stuff that crosses boundaries, Well, that's pre-internet. And so we can't rely on government to move things. I believe it's a technology thing.

Dan: Hey Riggs, let me add one thing to that Paul, real quick, that we do right now, in Modular, we actually have two systems that we're currently working to deliver that actually achieve what Paul was mentioning about being carbon neutral. We are delivering to internal tertiary close loop recycling systems for two customers right now. 

Riggs: Tertiary means removing the nitrates, am I right?

Dan: Well, in this sense of tertiary means that we provide, not necessarily removing the nitrates, but we are cleaning the water to such a standard it can be reused for reflush, irrigation, cooling tower, and that type of thing. But we have two major projects on the Modular Water Systems product line, currently under contract that are effectively achieving that exact same thing.

Riggs: Nice. Well then that's how the whole recycling game is huge, especially when you're decentralized because you're not just sending it to the city. You can do something about it. So that's a wonderful thing. 





So that was that. And now the commercialization of the Pool Preserver™, and this is a report that Tom gave me earlier today. And so why don't you just run through it real fast just to give people a sense of what's going on here.

Tom: Yeah, well, the Pool Preserver continues to improve and grow as an opportunity. So as people may or may not know, we have two existing products in there, the big one and an open product line, then we're working on a third one right now.

Riggs: What are the price points?

Tom: So our largest one is coming in about 110, our smaller one's coming in about 75. And then the new one, we haven't priced it yet, but our goal is to get it as low as possible because we really see the market opportunity for it, if we can get the pricing down. So that's our goal.

And you know, right now what's happened is, you know, we've had a couple of different kinds of marketing things go out the door. People who've been really reacting to the videos that we shot of the guys actually doing the work in Arizona, and that's driven a lot of leads.

So we've had about 40 some odd inquiries coming into us. I've personally tried to respond to as many as possible. So has Mike Jenkins, our president of the sales down in Texas, and we've got done some one-on-ones with everybody.


Pool Cleaning Technicians

We've been targeting people who were pool services companies. Guys that own either pool cleaning companies or pool service companies or pool builders, because they have a lot of existing experience and an existing route of customers. And we know for a fact, they're going to be really successful with the product, like a product line extension.

So now we're starting to get more of those folks in, they seem very interested because they just instantly understand the money opportunity here. You know, the cost of the equipment's pretty modest and they get a nice big upside. So that's been positive. So we're working through a couple of conversations with people on costs and how we can deploy it for them.


Family Business Angle

We've had some folks that are really just business entrepreneurs. A lot of husband and wife teams actually, which I really think is awesome. I kind of like that family business angle. And so they've been super interested in the product as well because they understand the markets a little sketchy out there, they're entrepreneurial so they're thinking ahead as to what they really want to get themselves involved in. My conversation yesterday and today was with families like that really excellent business people that really understood how to run their own business.

So somebody understands basic of advertising, marketing. They definitely have a leg up, but what they liked about the conversations is that we're putting a really powerful amount of marketing and advertising behind our product and our people. So that gives them a real leg up.


Water As A Career University

And I just got a report on that today as to that program's going, we've already launched an advertising campaign on social media for one of our guys to really tune how that marketing package goes out the door. So then we'll be able to kind of template that out. And I'm pretty happy about that.

Riggs: And I'm very happy that you chose to build the Waters As A Career university by actually just doing it with somebody and just basically just taking his experience and essentially writing it down. And that's a beautiful way to do it.

Tom: Yeah. It made more sense that way. Because I'm like why kind of come up with theoretical stuff instead let's take a person that we really have and really work with them. And it really matches kind of the conversation we've had internally between you and our team, where we said like, we're not really trying to have like this massive thousands of people out there community of Pool Preserver guys.


More Like a Club

What we really want is like a club, right? You want a grouping of people who can know each other. They can go into a membership area and have a conversation say, "Hey, what worked in your market?" "Hey, this works in mine." They'll learn tips and tricks, not just from us and our staff, but also from each other as well. And by building that as our core, I want a really strong team of people who we like to do business with and like to do business with us. Right. And that's kind of what we're trying to start with now.

And it's really coming together in the Pool Preserver University piece is there and attracting other people who are smart because every conversation's giving us some ideas too. You know, like some of the other inquiries we recently have about like cold weather climates, like what do you do there versus warm weather climates. Right. So there's different subtleties to it that we have to think our way through.


Spas, A Different Angle

Riggs: Yeah. And of course this business with spas, hot tubs is also an interesting business. I don't want to dwell too much on it, but there's all kinds of interesting tweaks, right?

Tom: Yeah. In the spa angle is really cool. I was actually looking into that. We've tried a couple of different ways of attacking that one. What we know is that it's definitely doable. We can get the pricing down and the configuration could be very different than the way we do the pool preserver one, because we can make it a lot more mobile. It doesn't necessarily have to be on a trailer. It could be on the back of a pickup. It could even be mobile. You can lift it and bring it on premise. So there's different ways of doing that piece.

Riggs: Nice. Very nice. Well, that's excellent. And you know, I gave a snapshot of the forecast. That's not a reliable number and it just gives us an idea of the order of magnitude.



What's Driving the Traffic?

And here's where all this business came from. We're now up to 987,000 views of this video. And it's crazy. Now we did spend a bit of money on it, but it basically took off. People don't do shares, you can't buy shares. Right? So when people share, 352 shares, poor Kevin Pruett has been answering all these comments and he's had a good time of it because you'll get these old school guys, "You don't need to do this." And then he has to of course do things right. But this has been really, what's driven it. And now we have a successor video that's going extremely well.


What's Next?

So what's next is basically as you said, Tom is to continue executing. Dan's got his momentum with Modular Water Systems, modularwater.com. The "Water Systems in a Box™" as I call them. And then of course, you know, PWT itself did 22% better in the first half, they continue to do better. And then there's this new business coming from corporate. Very, very interesting. So super cool.

And I appreciate it, gentlemen, what I'm going to do now is I'm just going to tell you a little bit about what's coming next week. This was actually supposed to be happening right now, but then I basically bumped this because this news is so cool that it just had to get into it.



But next week we are going to have the Philanthropinvestor® team. Now the reason why this is so important to us is, as I said last week, it's not often that partners work out and Ivan Anz and Arte Marin have been amazing. They brought us some super cool relationships. A lot of them international.

We don't have much presence Internationally, and this is where the Philanthroinvestor people come in. But also, they bring a really idealistic, they've built a real estate Philanthroinvesting activity that is on the Inc 100 with 4000% growth. An amazing company, and what they do is basically, as I'll show you in this short video, people do really well while doing good.

And so, that combination is people want to know that they're going to make money, but they're going to make money doing something that it gets somewhere they live, and it's not like fracking or whatever. It actually is good for people, and ultimately the planet. So, let's take a quick look at this one.

Collage from video presentation
Philanthroinvestor presents OC collage

Just a beautiful show and they're very aesthetic, and of course you don't have to choose between doing well and doing good. You can do both. That's the beauty of it.


20201008 Arte Marin

Interview With CEO Philanthroinvestors

Riggs: This Is Arte Marin, the Chairman of Philanthroinvestors, and he's answering some questions for an Australian broadcaster. Let's see what he says.

Video Presentation

Broadcaster: So, you're the CEO of Philanthroinvestors, the new CEO, and making money while doing or investing in philanthropy activities. So, you're spending money to areas that are helping communities, or helping areas, or helping society and mankind, but it's an investment. How does this work?

Arte: Well, this is the whole idea. The founder of the company, Ivan Anz, who was a major entrepreneur in Argentina and owns a lot of property, and so on. And he just was anti-speculation. He felt with all the ills of the world, we have bad water, and we have bad air, and people are hungry and yet billions and billions of dollars are spent gambling, throwing it away, speculation in the stock market where 90%, scientifically, 90% people don't make money in the market.

Why don't we direct this money to something effective social change? And he then came up with Philanthroinvestors, and these are investors who want to make a difference, but are also making a return. We have another one on water. Companies that are doing something important about the purity of water. So, any investor, anybody who wants to put their money into something that is for the public good, as you see behind me, it says, "Invest with a purpose."

Broadcaster: Yes.

End of presentation

Riggs: Beautiful. That's a beautiful thing. Arte Marin, of course, is a longtime friend, and it was really an amazing meeting of minds when, well, basically what happened is we progressed our model to where it really was life changing for the industry, and that is what it's all about.



High-Yield Bond

Now, I'm not going to get too deeply into this. You guys know about the bond that we offer, high yield, a bonus grant of stock, redeem it for twice its value and stock redeemed at the later price. Bob Roos, you had an earlier comment about how the stock was diluted. Well, this is a protection against dilution, and of course this is only for accredited investors. You can of course go to our website and invest as an unaccredited investor.



Why invest?

Of course, because of our Water As A Career model about building assets for these financed water equipment systems, this future Airbnb for water, and of course get paid to wait. And that's really what it's about. If you roll the dice in the stock market, it may go up, may go down, but if you're on the side receiving dividends with something you can convert when you're ready, that seems to be the smarter way to go.



Talk With Ken

I've made a note here that Ken has a very special piece of important news for existing investors. He'll be reaching out to you by email and phone this week. So, I think you're going to be pretty excited about what he has to tell you. Meanwhile, all potential investors should just schedule a call with Ken at oc.gold/ken on your browser, and that will automatically do it.



Join Us Next Week

So, again, be sure to join us next week for big news from Philanthroinvestors. Amazing things happening with these guys. It's going to more than double the reach of our company because it's going to take us international. They're a true strategic partner and I thank them. Please do join us next week, 8:00 PM. Eastern. Just register by going to origiclear.com and clicking CEO.



Important Notice

Finally, the disclaimer for what we've been talking about with this bond, that it is not a registered offering.



Thank you everyone. It's wonderful. I'm going to quickly address any chats that have come up. I see that a few people are asking questions. Paul, thanks us. John wants to know when will you post end of year results? End of year results, weirdly enough, take forever to post. We'll know cash results at the end of the year, and I will report them, but the what's called recognized revenue goes through this weird kind of witches brew of accounting. And it's an accounting thing. It's not a cash thing. We will get it there as fast as possible, but as I say, we're very optimistic.


Dangerous Forever Chemicals

And then Randy Spires, "Why dangerous forever chemicals are still allowed in America's drinking water." Well, it's scandal, isn't it? That's from Consumer Reports, a very good article, and that's in part because the standards have not been set properly. So, thank you for bringing that to our attention.


Limit to Applications?

Paul Fetscher, "Is there any limit to applications?" No, not at all. With these applications that we create are the ones that are most in need, like Pool Preserver, like Pondster™, like the Bronc Boost™, which is a booster pump we're launching in Progressive Water, and yeah, baby. Bronc Boost. Oh, and Darryl wants to know, does it work in salt based pools versus those using chlorine? Absolutely.

Tom: Yes it does.

Riggs: And then Paul says, Paul Fetscher, thinks that the evaporation happens in Atlantis [the Atlantic Ocean] the world's largest fish tank, for sure. Oh, Bob Roos, when is the book coming out? I ordered it. I believe it is for the new year. We're helping to write it. We're writing our chapter in there. So, thank you for having placed your pre-order. 


What Pool Preserver Actually Does

Wow. Is it Darryl that says "Pool Preserver removes the elevated concentrations, naturally occurring minerals, as well as disinfection chemicals. When pool water, evaporates, it continues to increase these minerals and chemicals. Pool Preserver removes these mineral concentrations to return water chemistry to normal." And I might as well say beyond normal because it's fully "reverse osmosised." It's Crystaline [pristine]

*editor's note- The above comment regarding chemicals and minerals was made by OriginClear Chief Engineer Dan Early



Well, that's it. I'm going to call a halt to this call, and appreciate those who hung in there. You guys are wonderful. Guys and gals, be sure to tune in next week. It's going to be a great show, and thank you to Tom Marchesello, COO, who has been driving this increase in business. Thank you to Dan who's coming through with his amazing vision, and of course to Marc Stevens who is not on the show, but running a great operation in McKinney, Texas. And I've got one last new message I'm going to look at from Kevin. "Thank you. Future looking bright." Thank you all. Have a great weekend.

Thank You!

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