Stephen Jan OriginClear Director

Stephen Jan


Stephen Jan is Director of Hong Kong-based OriginClear Technologies, a wholly-owned OriginClear subsidiary. He was the first member of the team outside the United States.

Stephen boasts dual experience in chemical process automation and industrial wastewater treatment technologies. His 20+ year career in wastewater treatment led him to manage projects in various countries in Asia, including China, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia. His achievements include the emergency cleaning of a 150,000-ton body of water in Guangzhou during the 2010 Asia Olympics, and the successful treatment, via biological methods, of effluent from a textile dyeing factory totaling 3000 m3 per day.

Today, Stephen leads the business development of OriginClear in Asia, with a particular focus on China. He holds a master’s degree (MS) in Electronics Engineering from National Taipei Technology University.