Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies

Consulting Technician

Andrew Davies, longtime veteran of the company, continues to consult on Computer Aided Design (CAD) and to manage special projects. He is especially qualified for this, having personally directed the development of OriginClear prototypes and commercial systems from 2011 onward, before graduating to CAD design projects.

With over 14 years of experience in the construction and fabrication fields, Davies began in the maritime industry, earning numerous certifications, and earning international oceangoing licenses as a seaman and an engineer’s mate.

Andrew’s on-site problem-solving experience continued with the construction industry where he learned advanced levels of fabricating, wiring and operating heavy machinery of all kinds. He has also completed an apprenticeship in the field of Heating, Cooling and Air-conditioning (HVAC), and is a licensed operator of forklift, articulating man-lift, extended boom forklift and bobcat. He is fully qualified on AutoCAD Inventor.

Andrew Davies is a co-inventor of the following OriginClear patents and applications:

  • Method for Treating Wastewater (US-2015-0090670-A1)
  • Removing Ammonia from water (US20130299434 A1)