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OriginClear, Inc. is a public company trading on the Over The Counter market. It in the category of “Pink Current”, which means it maintains compliance with its SEC reporting requirements. The trading symbol for OriginClear is “OCLN”. 
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3.21.12OTCMKTS: OCLNMar 26Mar 30AprApr 030.0640.0660.0680.0700.0720.0740.0760.0780.080
3.21.12VolumeOTCMKTS: OCLN
3.21.12Mar 26Mar 30AprApr 03050k100k
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“We are thrilled to join the OriginClear team. We believe OriginClear’s vision to build an extensive network of solution providers is going to help us grow dramatically. Together we can better reach growing market demand for exceptional water treatment solutions and services.”

– Marc Stevens, President of PWT

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What role to do you think more widespread water treatment can play in helping to prevent future pandemics?  Can it be that more sanitation could drown future COVID-19’s before they surface?   A genius I know, OriginClear® CEO Riggs Eckelberry, firmly believes it can and to finance it, he has created the ultimate liquid investment.  Read More

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The company bought Progressive Water Treatment Inc. and its Texas facility in 2015. Water treatment technology firm OriginClear Inc. is moving its corporate headquarters from Los Angeles to its manufacturing site in McKinney. Riggs Eckelberry, the company’s CEO, said its California team is now increasingly virtual while its product development and manufacturing takes place at its East University Drive site. Read More