Breakthrough water cleanup technology.


We first developed Electro Water Separation™ to solve the toughest problem in algae production: how to get the microscopic algae out of large quantities of water.

Since 2012, we have also have proven the technology to be very effective in clarifying frack flowback and produced water. In both the petroleum and algae industries, we are implementing the two stages of electro-coagulation and electroflotation in new, more efficient ways.

In 2015, we added the third stage electro-oxidation to address the most complex pollutants in the industrial and agricultural waste treatment markets with a sophisticated, inline process.

With its small footprint and modular configuration, EWS is able to handle complex wastewater streams that otherwise would require a combination of different technologies.

Dissolved Air
UV Ozone Settling Membrane
Bio Reactors
Total Suspended Solids x x x x x
Total Ammonia Nitrogen x x x
Total Nitrogen x x
Phosphorus x x
Soluble Chemical Oxygen Demand x x
Non-soluble Chemical Oxygen Demand x x x
Biological Oxygen Demand x x x x x
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons x x x x x
Heavy Metals x x x

EWS is applied today in multiple industry settings:

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