Breakthrough water cleanup technology.

EWS Inner Circle

We want you in the Inner Circle so we can make sure we are constantly improving our EWS technology and building out our lab-sized appliances to meet your needs!

Inner Circle(2)

So what do you get in return?

The Electro Water Separation Inner Circle is composed of professionals in the Petro, Waste and Algae industries who are helping to define the design and usage requirements of our core technology.


  • We’ll listen to your feedback both in surveys and on our message board.
  • You’ll see “behind the scenes” photos and videos that the world doesn’t see.
  • You’ll be on our message board: the private Inner Circle LinkedIn group.
  • We’ll send you regular progress reports on design and community responses.
  • And of course, we’ll ping you politely[1] with any news updates on the lab-sized appliances.
  • Special VIP invitations to events and pre-release activities.
  • Best of all, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that someone out there had a clue, and listened to the users from the get-go.



  1. Tell us your thoughts in our Design Survey for the new lab-sized appliance. Click here to start the survey now.
  2. Visit our Lab News resource area and get a behind the scenes look at the design and development process.
  3. When you complete the survey you will begin to benefit automatically as an Inner Circle member.
  4. You can leave anytime, but we hope you’ll stick around for future product design projects.

We look forward to having you join our Inner Circle!

The OriginClear Dev Team


[1] You control the frequency of updates, and we will never share your contact information!