Breakthrough water cleanup technology.
OriginClear Technologies

For its first eight years of existence, OriginClear focused on its breakthrough technology. In 2015, the technology team became self-sufficient and we launched it as an internal division, alongside the OriginClear Group.

Our mission is to develop Electro Water Separation™ and achieve its full recognition as an international industry standard in treating our increasingly complex wastewater treatment challenges.

OriginClear Technologies

A 3,000 barrel per day produced water treatment unit on a field demonstration in Bakersfield, CA.

Animation: Oil Production and Water 

OriginClear’s EWS Technology as it applies to oilfield water treatment.

For this purpose, OriginClear Technologies relies on an ongoing strong R&D and engineering activity for the development of its technology, while actively building its licensees, joint ventures and partners network for commercial development.

A key element of this strategy is OriginClear (HK), OriginClear’s Hong Kong-based subsidiary that manages Asian and Oceanian market development as well as OriginClear Technologies’ Manufacturing arm.