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OriginClear, Inc. is a public company trading on the Over The Counter market. It is an “OTC QB” company, which mandates certain eligibility requirements. The trading symbol for OriginClear is “OCLN”.

OriginClear, Inc. [OCLN: OTCQB]
0.145 0.005 (3.57%)  05/25/2017 Delayed 15 minutes 
Open$0.14Daily Range$0.1275-$0.15
Prev. Close$0.1452 Week Range$0.09-$0.70
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$0.13 x 5000 shares$0.145 x 10100 shares05/25 5:00 PM EDT
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“We are thrilled to join the OriginClear team. We believe OriginClear’s vision to build an extensive network of solution providers is going to help us grow dramatically. Together we can better reach growing market demand for exceptional water treatment solutions and services.”

– Marc Stevens, President of PWT

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United States
Tel: 877-999-6645 Ext. 3
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Plan to expose company to broader audience through increased visibility

OriginClear, Inc. announced today that the Company has entered into an engagement with boutique corporate consulting firm, Caro Partners LLC. This Jupiter, Florida-based firm specializes in assisting companies navigate the public markets. Its principals have represented over 400 private and/or public companies over the course of its fifteen-plus year history. Caro's engagement with OCLN is primarily centered around increasing OCLN’s visibility in the public markets and presenting the company to investors through conferences. Read More

Existing leachate treatment site will be retrofitted with Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation technology (EWS:AOx™) to comply with discharge limits

OriginClear, Inc., today announced that its Joint Venture (JV) in Malaysia, OriginClear Water Solutions (OWS), has received a commercial scale purchase order from Envirogard, a water treatment systems engineering company based near Kuala Lumpur. Read More

Plan gives access to 13,000 factories to help them meet the goals of Thailand 4.0

OriginClear, Inc., today announced it agreed in principle to address the country’s long-term water crisis by directly targeting 2.8 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs). A planned joint venture, OriginClear Thailand, is intended to access up to 13,000 factories with its proprietary Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation technology, to help address the country’s long-term water crisis. Read More