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For a short time, you can invest in our company; with the right to invest three more times over the next two years, at a guaranteed price.

Important: you must be an accredited investor.

And… we have a special price if you invest by 28 July!

The long, hot summer of micro-toxins

We are launching a major campaign around the problem of water purification for the home… the micro-toxins that the cities are NOT cleaning up.

…and drinking bottled water is NOT a solution! Here is a great report on the scandal.

This summer we are proving our solution with objective testing, and creating wide awareness for it. Once that is done, we plan to combine forces with a major partner to take our technology to market.

We believe this is a brand-new consumer market category, and that we can capture it now.

You can help by investing now in our special offering

We’re offering shares in a private placement at a special price, with the opportunity to buy more shares in the future at a guaranteed low price.

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