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After doubling from Q2 to Q3, Progressive Water Treatment maintains performance in Q4

OriginClear, Inc., issued today preliminary guidance that revenue for the six months ended December 31, 2017 for its Dallas-based subsidiary, Progressive Water Treatment’s (PWT), increased by over 24 percent as compared to the six months ended December 31, 2016 with an increase in gross profit of 13 percent during the same period. Read More

CEO’s presentation to cryptocurrency industry insiders outlines how coin offerings can transform water industry

OriginClear, Inc., a leading provider of water treatment solutions, released details of its WaterChain initiative at d10e, a leading conference on decentralization... Read More

February 9, 2018

The Coin Lab on MoneyTV

CEO Eckelberry reports on the London design sessions, including Skype commentary from Tim Marchand, CEO of The Coin Lab. Riggs also briefs the audience on next steps. Read More

Files for patent protection of a token ecosystem for improved efficiency of transactions in the water industry

OriginClear, Inc., announced today that it has engaged London-based The Coin Lab to help develop a blockchain protocol, with industry participation, called WaterChain™. Read More

Engages London-based The Coin Lab to help with blueprint and process for a water transactional token, or coin. “It is our intention to make WaterChain a protocol and a capital source for the water industry.” - Riggs Eckelberry, CEO Read More

CEO Eckelberry discusses how the world could better recycle waste water and deal with the coming water crisis by using BitCoin-based technology. (There is no assurance that OCLN will have an involvement). Read More

Back on MoneyTV every week for the next 13 weeks, CEO Riggs Eckelberry updates over 180 million TV households in more than 75 countries on the company’s recent history and anticipated progress in 2018. Read More

Preliminary agreement with University of Limoges will explore potential for effective treatment using Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation

OriginClear, Inc., announced a preliminary agreement with the National Superior Engineering School (ENSIL-ENSCI) of France’s University of Limoges, to validate OriginClear’s breakthrough process, Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation™ (EWS:AOx™), for extremely challenging water treatment problems, such as landfill runoff and flooding from major storms and hurricanes. The intellectual property and know-how resulting from this collaboration will remain with OriginClear. Read More

OriginClear venture partner commercializes FREEWATERBOX to convert waste into energy, irrigation water and algae as a soil conditioner

Ennesys announced with OriginClear, Inc., that it recently completed a one year demonstration of its FREEWATERBOX™ technology in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The containerized, self-sufficient waste water processing system recycles solid organic food waste and sewage into valuable by-products including fertilizer, algae-based soil conditioner and irrigation-grade water. Read More

Company’s initial guidance ahead of quarterly filings indicates revenues on growth trend

OriginClear, Inc., today issued preliminary guidance that its Dallas-based subsidiary, Progressive Water Treatment (PWT) more than doubled its revenue from the second to the third quarter. Read More