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On-site Treatment Cuts Disposal Cost and Environmental Impact

OriginClear, Inc., and its licensee E3 Services and Solutions, LLC (E3), today announced the successful completion of a joint on-site disaster water cleanup project in Oklahoma City. The company released a video and an independent water analysis showcasing successful results. Read More

Parties establish framework to research applications for EWS technology

OriginClear, Inc., announced that the Company executed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with California State University, Bakersfield (CSU Bakersfield). The MOU establishes a cooperative framework to research and validate OriginClear’s technology for application in agriculture and oil and gas operations and widen educational opportunities for CSU Bakersfield students. Read More

Joint venture intended to provide quick-response water reclamation for franchisees, insurers and impacted communities

OriginClear, Inc., and OriginClear licensee E3 Services and Solutions, LLC (E3), have teamed up to form a joint venture (JV) intended to offer quickresponse disaster water reclamation services to restoration franchise businesses in North America. Read More

Oil production invention referenced by 107 other patent applications

OriginClear, Inc., announced today that the US Patent and Trademark Office recently granted two patents for algae production. The inventors included OriginClear co-founders, Nicholas and Riggs Eckelberry. Read More

Rename positions the company to better serve wide water cleanup market

OriginClear, Inc., announced today OriginOil is now named OriginClear™ Inc., effective immediately. The company ticker symbol, OOIL, will remain unchanged. Read More

Beijing-based partner is equipment arm of major wastewater solutions company Poten Enviro

OriginOil, Inc., announced today that its Hong Kong subsidiary, OriginOil (HK), has partnered with Beijing Puresino Science & Technology, to promote the application of EWS in water treatment for the chemical industry as well as urban wastewater and soil remediation. Read More

New product line to incorporate and replace earlier CLEAN-FRAC branding for oil and gas water cleanup

OriginOil, Inc., announced today the launch of its OriginClear™ product line for all waste water treatment, including oil and gas water cleanup. The new product line will incorporate and fully replace the company’s earlier CLEAN-FRAC™ and PRIME product line, while also extending into waste water treatment. Read More

Independent lab results validate performance and feasibility of treating produced water for large-scale applications

OriginOil, Inc., announced today that independent third-party testing by Zalco Laboratories confirmed that OriginOil’s PRIME product for oil & gas operations successfully reduced contaminants in produced water to the level required for reuse for cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) — a type of enhanced oil recovery. Read More

Disa-Vingataramin has background in management, engineering and business development, including direct experience in the algae technology sector

OriginOil, Inc., announced today the launch of its Algae Division, naming Mael Disa-Vingataramin as its President. Read More

PRIME delivers core treatment needs, and can deliver clear effluent for further processing such as water softening and desalination

OriginOil, Inc., announced today the launch of CLEAN-FRAC™ PRIME, a standalone product designed to provide core water treatment for frac flowback and produced water applications in the oil and gas industry. Read More