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CEO Updates

Earlier this month, we received our first commercial-scale order! …with these fast-moving retrofits, that's $150 million in sales, of which we might see a third or more of the total. Plus, our share of the joint venture. Read More

"JL" Kindler just came back from Asia with a half dozen big wins in the bag, including joining a pilot program for a "supermajor" oil company... Read More

February 27, 2017

What Drought?

Only 17% of the state remains in a drought — the lowest percentage since 2011. So... are we good? Far from it! The amazing rains of this season have given us a golden opportunity — to waste less water, to clean it up for reuse, to be wiser about how we use it. Read More

January 23, 2017

The United States of Water

As the world hurtles toward 2030, water is the game. What is OriginClear doing about it? Technology, and growing a network of experts. Read More

The Los Angeles Times recently profiled companies that are doing well in China. And it discusses our experience there... Read More

What does President-elect Trump have to do with clean water? Plenty, as it turns out Read More

Good afternoon! Last Friday, Eric Garcetti, LA’s dynamic young mayor, launched the amazing La Kretz Innovation Campus, where we now have our headquarters! Here’s the full story. An estimated 2000 attendees mobbed the place. Many came by our booth for a look at our technology. Being a partner in the LA Cleantech Incubator means we have […] Read More

How is OriginClear like a major beer company? CEO Riggs Eckelberry explains. He also says that, instead of a few huge water treatment plants, we're seeing tens of thousands of small ones, right where the water is used. That means a lot of business for the companies we are working to acquire. And, in a recent article in Water Network, he got a chance to lay out the company’s story in detail. Read More

A sneak peek of a video with great drone footage and an interview with manager at the cooperative that cleans Produced water in the region. And… co-founder Nicholas eckelberry drinks water pre-treated by the ECOPOD! Read More

The ECOPOD is now in operation at an oil field evaporation pond in the Bakersfield area. It is reliably cleaning what they call "Produced water" and combining our technology with its own, ECT believes it can clean water to drinkable standards for a reasonable price. Read More