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CEO’s Updates

April 27, 2015

An Unexpected Award

OriginClear execs are traveling all over the world. We’re especially proud of Bill Charneski, who has been honored to be a keynote speaker at the North American Petroleum Accounting Conference! Meanwhile, we were stunned to have been honored at the Fourth Annual Sustainable Business Council Awards! Read More

April 17, 2015

We’ve Changed Our Name!

Now that we're successfully clarifying waste water of all kinds, it's no longer just about oil. In fact, that's kind of confusing. So, we adopted a name that says what we do, and why. And, it will help us build a family of companies under one brand. Jim Nelson did a great job with that at Solar3D, which took off after one, and then another acquisition. (We don’t represent that OriginClear will do the same!) Read More

At the top of the Sierras in February, the mountains were green with a dusting of snow at the very top – more like summer than winter. Governor Brown has set mandatory cutbacks, but meanwhile, agriculture uses huge amounts of water and was exhausting groundwater even before the current drought. The alternative is desalination – and that is so expensive it will make reclamation look cheap – we are there to help. Read More

Why is the oil price crash a blessing for US Shale? Because the industry is using technology – The Internet of industrial Things – to create a perfect storm of capability and agility that we are experiencing ourselves at our Bakersfield site. Our own systems, which are increasingly intelligent, self-adaptive and connected, are becoming part of the Internet of Everything, the kind of thing that is transforming the oil and gas industry, and everything. Read More

As the long decline in oil prices begins to recover, operators are investing in technologies to save money by treating water, as much as a million dollars for the fracking a single well receives over time. Savvy operators are investing in advanced technologies like OriginOil’s. Read More

February 23, 2015

Bakersfield Site Slammed!

OriginOil makes the Top 125 People in the Advanced Bioeceonomy! And even before we announced our pilot site was up, industry prospects were streaming in to see our demonstration of the large-scale 3000, and the 250 model, of which we have sold four units already. Local water districts, service companies, Exploration and Production (E&P) companies, all are keenly interested in what we can do. Read More

January 12, 2015

The Top 100 Poll!

After a sneak peek at the new California research site in Bakersfield, CEO Eckelberry proposes a series of nominations to the Top 100 People in the Advanced Bioeconomy, a poll open to subscribers to the world’s largest biofuels periodical. Read More

January 7, 2015

The Produced Water Tsunami

Oil prices continue to fall, increasing energy consumption – and water use. For every barrel of oil, the petroleum industry has to handle eight barrels of water – and increasingly, treatment and reuse is the money-saving option. This water can benefit drought-parched areas like California, and help the industry improve its image as a good neighbor. Read More

Unexpectedly, biofuels prices are benefiting from increased gas consumption as prices fall. With corn-based fuels already being produced at their maximum, this opens up the market to advanced biofuels such as algae. This is why OriginOil is planning national laboratory and university partnerships in a funded program issued by the Department of Energy that seeks to make algae a competitive fuel. And, the continuing rise of fishmeal prices creates a double business model for algae, which can be made for about a third the price of fishmeal. Read More

In a major breakthrough, OriginOil expects to have a California test site by year’s end that will be open to prospective customers and licensees. And, deal flow in emerging Exploration and Production technologies has been accelerating since 2003. Since then, E&P technologies have attracted nearly $7 billion in private investment from 497 unique transactions. Read More