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CEO Updates

March 31, 2016

Malaysia Takes Off!

China was fast – Malaysia is even faster! We’re in a partnership with a regional player who is making waves and developing more than $7 million in potential business. And we’ve now miniaturized our process onto a single panel, a huge breakthrough in simplifying the testing process. Read More

"JL" Kindler is in Houston this week to speak at one of the oil industry's key events of the year, Cambridge Research Associates Week (CERAWeek). We're really excited that the event organizers have named us an Energy Innovation Pioneer! And water treatment takes off even as the oil industry adjusts to lower prices. Read More

December 18, 2015

Revenue Takes Off

Forecasting real revenue for 2016 is a breeze, with subsidiary Progressive Water doing seven figure deals and a major million dollar rights agreement in China... Meanwhile, CEO Eckelberry and Group President Charneski celebrate their first holiday dinner in Texas! Read More

October 5, 2015

A New Era Begins

Our first acquisition wraps up in record time – less than two months since it was first announced. In just one day, we increased our revenues to an estimated $6 million annually. Meanwhile, great results from a China trip to set up strategic partnerships for funding and manufacturing… Read More

September 21, 2015

The One Water Network

Off to China to sign the seven-figure deal to fund OriginClear Hong Kong and inspect the new manufacturing site. And we’re building the One Water Network by acquiring expert companies that complement each other for the best of both worlds. Read More

September 8, 2015

Owning The Water Customer

What’s up at LAX? What does outsourcing hotel shuttles have to do with OriginClear’s business? Corporations all over the USA are outsourcing their water business to hundreds of local companies. Typically they're small — local or regional. A classic consolidation opportunity – and OriginClear is all over it. Read More

How we took a page from Solar3D’s successful acquisition strategy, which propelled that stock to a high of 34 times its low in less than two years. How the water business is highly fragmented and could benefit from consolidation into the OriginClear Family of Companies™! Read More

World water scarcities… Thinking Africa, or the Middle East, or Asia? How about Texas? Texas is booming its way right into a seven million acre foot per year deficit. That's seven million homes without water. Sure enough, markets are waking up to the situation – that’s why water will be the commodity of the future for investors. Read More

August 11, 2015

The Perfect Storm for Water

It looks like California is about to get too much water after too little. It's happening across the planet — either too much, or too little. That's why China has committed a third of a trillion dollars to water projects. For starters! Other countries are catching up fast. It's a tsunami for water conservation, treatment and reuse. Read More

Here's Texas entrepreneur Marc Stevens, on the day we first shook hands on a deal to acquire his company. We plan to close by October at the latest. That could make Progressive Water Treatment the first in our new Family of OriginClear Companies™! Acquiring growing, profitable companies is a winning strategy. We have made it ours. Read More