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CEO Updates

Wow! This micro-toxins issue has definitely hit a nerve with consumers. They are saying “I’ve been worrying about this for years!” It seems that we have discovered a new consumer water category. From our analysis, we can treat effectively for micro-toxins, and we are first into the space. Read More

I have a personal reason for focusing on the chemical cocktail in our water: like many, I lost family to cancer. In their memory, I present our new mission statement. If we can demonstrate the superiority of our technology, then we believe that we will achieve a great deal of recognition in the markets for what this means for us, for the water industry, and ultimately, for the health of humans living in our industrialized world. Read More

Endocrine disrupting chemicals include hormones, various drugs such as Valium, industrial solvents, even glyphosate (Monsanto's Roundup), found in as much as 70% of the drinking water. Your existing solutions can’t remove these. The science behind OriginClear’s Advanced Oxidation process is proven and now we are deploying into the consumer marketplace. Find out more about this new consumer water market category. Read More

Last week, we presented to Wall Street for the first time since 2011. Back then, we didn’t have stable revenue. Also, we lacked guidance from pros on our side. That means everything on Wall Street. This time was different – imagine two dozen one-on-one meetings, plus the group presentation. Each time, I told our story. Each time, I heard the reactions. These were overwhelmingly positive. Our main asset? You! And now we’ve launched a new “reservation offer”. Find out about it now! Read More

OriginClear's water revolution is getting attention... Our schedule for speaking engagements is filling up fast. CEO Riggs Eckelberry is speaking at a premier microcap conference, and we are presenting at three technical conferences this fall. And, FLASH! A European multinational purchased a lab scale unit for testing and validation. Read More

Earlier this month, we received our first commercial-scale order! …with these fast-moving retrofits, that's $150 million in sales, of which we might see a third or more of the total. Plus, our share of the joint venture. Read More

"JL" Kindler just came back from Asia with a half dozen big wins in the bag, including joining a pilot program for a "supermajor" oil company... Read More

February 27, 2017

What Drought?

Only 17% of the state remains in a drought — the lowest percentage since 2011. So... are we good? Far from it! The amazing rains of this season have given us a golden opportunity — to waste less water, to clean it up for reuse, to be wiser about how we use it. Read More

January 23, 2017

The United States of Water

As the world hurtles toward 2030, water is the game. What is OriginClear doing about it? Technology, and growing a network of experts. Read More

The Los Angeles Times recently profiled companies that are doing well in China. And it discusses our experience there... Read More