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“Electro Water Separation Inside”

It is our business to license industry applications for Electro Water Separation. If you are interested in becoming a licensee, please contact us to find out more.

This logo appears on systems our licensees are rolling out worldwide under their own brands.


For each industry, we are also developing a few selected strategic partnerships. These privileged relationships can be based on the joint development and operation of showcase sites, specific applications, or R&D projects in relation with our core technology. We welcome partnerships with academic institutions, private research labs, engineering and marketing partners or, of course, with our existing or future licensees.


To qualify as a Licensee or Commercial Partner, we will ask you to provide us with a valid business plan, supported by the necessary resources for its implementation. You will also be asked to sign a technology agreement that safeguards our Intellectual Property. You should understand that you’ll be working with our technology in a developmental stage.

Licensees should have the ability to get their breakthrough technology into the markets they target as fast and as widely as possible.

If you think you fit these requirements and wish to discuss our potential mutual project, please contact us.

OriginClear Partners by Industry

“We now have a solid foundation for our claim that EWS Petro is potentially the most reliable first step for cleaning frack and produced water, period.”– Riggs Eckelberry, President and CEO.