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Nicholas Eckelberry


Nicholas Eckelberry is co-founder of OriginClear and continues to consult as its chief inventor. He is also consulting to OriginClear licensee, ECT Services & Solutions Inc., as it rolls out a pilot site in the Kern County oil fields.

Nicholas is responsible for inventing OriginClear’s proprietary Electro Water Separation (EWS) technology, the high-speed, chemical free process to extract organic contaminants and valuable materials from large quantities of water. (All patents are assigned to OriginClear.)

He first laid the foundation for OriginClear in 1988 when he first worked with Japan’s Hideto Uematsu on the breakthrough OHR MX static mixer system; a system that received the mechanical patent US 6,279,611 (28 Aug 2000) for the mixing of fluids at a microscopic level. This technology has since been implemented at some 2,000 sites in the Japanese waste water industry, and led to the development of the company’s first patent, “Algae growth system for oil production” (US#8,993,314), known as “Quantum Fracturing”. It was the first patent filing by OriginClear, then called OriginOil. It focused on the challenge of feeding enough CO2 to algae cells to enable their production at industrial scale. It was subsequently referenced in 107 other industry patents, making it a key early innovation for the fledgling algae sector. (video: Quantum Fracturing demonstration). Nicholas also holds a second patent, “Bio-energy reactor” (US#8,986,531), which showed how hydrogen could be generated as a continuous by-product of algae production. It was called the Hydrogen Harvester. In November 2010, the company announced lab data that indicated energy production per square meter that was comparable to solar cells.

In all, Nicholas Eckelberry has authored or co-authored fourteen separate inventions in the field of algae production and waste water cleanup. Nicholas is also responsible for the development and launch of Nano-Cal in 2003, a product line based around a uniquely formulated and highly bio-available form of calcium. Recently, Biofuels Digest ranked him one of the Top 300 People in the Bioeconomy for 2013-2014.